Last Friday I decided to visit a mosque.

Being a Muslim, mosque is the place where we worship together as a group, since the covid 19, with the restrictions of the governor, mosques where close for a while, and since then , i never went to one.

Last week for my class assignment,i decided to visit one,it was strange,not like it use to be,very calm,the humidity was noticeable, the smell of Clorox overwhelming, I notice that they made some renovations, the floor have a new carpet ,the lighting was brighter and the doors and windows also have a new color painting.

From what I know of the Muslim tradition,when we pray we suppose to be very close to each other and pray on line one in front of the other, Friday was different.

The capacity of the mosque was reduced to 1/4 and with less elderly people inside, everyone was social distancing exactly 6 feet apart, I didn’t notice any children and the women section was apparently close.

It was like a totally different place,they are taking this pandemic so serious i was feeling safe but scared and worry.

On the wall facing the entrance, they hang a big board with names and pictures of peoples who pass away do to the corona virus.

Watching the news and seeing how bad is the pandemic is good but when you visit a place you use to go and finding out that some peoples die, people you may recognize by their faces or even know them is hearth braking.

This visit was a great experience for me, it help me realize that the pandemic is not over yet and how important social distance and hygiene is so important to fight it.

We have to be grateful for life.