After reading Ann Patchett’s Truth and Beauty, I enjoyed the twist towards the end of the chapter. Before, Patchett described Lucy as someone who continually ignored the author during their time in high school. However, this changed once Lucy and the author became roommates. During the narrator’s college years, Lucy would either stare “blankly” or “walk away”. Once Lucy saw the author for the first time after college, Lucy is described as “leaping” into the author’s arms. The turn of events made me enjoy the story more because it was something that I did not expect. I also enjoyed how the author described Lucy. The author did not notice Lucy’s disfigurement changing over four years. Instead, the author saw what did not change about Lucy. The author noticed that Lucky’s eyes never change or the sweetness of her ears. My question based off of the reading, is does Patchett like Lucy romantically?