Prof. Jessica Penner | OL12 | Fall 2020

Sataria Carter, Micro-Activity#22

Hello my name is Sataria Carter and I’m here to share my experience in this class. I am studying to be an occupational therapist. I am currently taking 5 classes and this was no easy thing. I just want to let you know that not only was this class do detailed and organized but the teacher was helpful, accessible and thoughtful. The two main assignments that I will forever cherish are the Unit 1 and Unit 3. They were the most involved papers/ projects I have ever done that let me be who I am and talk about what I wanted.

Being an online student has so many challenges of its own but I found that, if i cant write then im not going to force it. I wait for my inspiration and sometimes thats the day before its due or two weeks before its due. Either way you have to be flexible and understand that its all a process.

While alot of my future classes will be medical and psych base, this class has opened my mind and allowed me to be more receptive with my future learning. Its also help me with writing letters to sponsors and making speeches. This class has helped me find my voice and showed me how I can use it in a aggressive, polite and direct way through many different styles. You wont regret taking this class.

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  1. Dewan

    Great letter, short and simple. I definitely agree on you with the assignments, definitely learned a lot this semester.

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