Prof. Jessica Penner | OL12 | Fall 2020

Micro-Activity #22: Rex Dovolani

To future students of ENG 1121,

My name is Rex Dovolani and I am majoring in Facilities Management. This was my fifth semester here at city tech. However, it was one like no other. We had to overcome many challenges due to the current circumstances of the pandemic. I am writing to you today to give you some knowledge of Professor Penner’s ENG 1121 class. You should not think of this class being a “easy A” or a “easy class in general.” The content of this course can be very challenging if you do not put the time and effort into your work. This course is very interesting and compelling because we had the chance to write about certain issues in our society today. Our Unit 3 writing assignment was my favorite assignment of the semester. We had to choose a social issue and create a multimodal text. Creating a multimodal text is very fun as it gives you the ability to be creative and expand on your thoughts and ideas. I choose climate change as a topic and was able to express my thoughts and ideas through a powerpoint presentation. Thus, it allowed me to bring awareness to my audience about the issue, using a very creative presentation that would keep my audience engaged. On the other hand, being an online student was very difficult. The main reason being; time management. Time management is key to success as an online student. If you do not manage your time properly, you fall behind on your work and causes major stress! I struggled early on in the semester because I did not have enough time to complete all my tasks in an ordinary fashion. However, I changed my work schedule to make it easier and give me more time to focus on my school work. What you will learn in this course is very valuable and will always be used down the line in your career. For me specifically, I am majoring in facilities management. Therefore, I need to have the ability to write up executive summaries to persuade the CEO to approve a budget proposal or type of project. This class has taught me ways to enhance and improve my overall writing skills which I will certainly use in the future.


  1. Joe

    You and I have very similar views on this course. Good Letter!

  2. Joe

    You and I have very similar views on this course. Good Letter!

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