I got interested in my question because this Covid-19 pandemic has been globally spread. Students like me that are in schools, college and universities are all one thing to go back to normal classes in person.

I am interested because I am worried that my parents and my fellow colleagues’ parents can also interact with the people that are tested positive for Covid-19 and they can also catch the virus.

The answer and information I expect to find end response to my question is doing research on poor countries and the most powerful countries which is the United States of America and to find articles that I can read about how many people are tested positive for Covid-19 around this countries and finding out that rates and the ICU rates and coming up to a conclusion and determining  how covid 19 can survive in climate changes because we don’t know some information about this virus, however this virus can’t survive in hot weather. If I had the chance after the election I would like to interview the president elect and find out if there are people like Dr. Fauci doing a better job for finding a solution to this virus. I would also like to interview representatives from the world health organization(WHO) and ask that person what they are doing to come up with the solution of Covid-19 and I would also like to ask them about their research on this virus.

If I find something that doesn’t fit my hypothesis I would check my research and also if WHO provides me with their research and from Dr. Fauci research and make a conclusion and hypothesis out of all the research that I gathered up.