Before class on Monday, November 22, students will…

  • Read my Announcement.
  • Decide on their genre, audience, and the various elements that will be needed to complete their U3 Multimodal Project.

For example, a student decides their genre will be a PowerPoint presentation to share with a local politician about their U2 research: How does gentrification in Bed-Stuy affect older residents?

This student needs to have access to the PowerPoint software (or Google Slides), experience in creating professional-looking presentations, as well as a transcript/speech to go along with the presentation.

This student needs to know what quotes or data from their U2 research they need to share with the politician.

This student MUST have the tools necessary before class begins–basically, access to a computer–and be ready to dive in to the work!

Professor penner

On Monday, November 22, we will…

  • Share the following information in a post titled Full Name, U3 Decisions and saved under U3 Work:
    • Genre
    • Audience
    • What the written component will be (speech, transcript, artist statement, or if the written component will be integrated with the visual/audio part of the project)
    • Tools needed to complete the project
  • Work individually on composing your multimodal piece. You must remain on Zoom during this time!
  • You are not posting your draft, but you may use class time or office hours to check in and ask questions.

After class, students will…

  • Continue working on their U3 Projects.
  • Write the written component of their projects–whether it’s integrated or separate from the audio/visual part of the project, the minimum word count is 500 words. See the Announcement page for details on the kinds of written components required.
  • If your written component is separate from your audio/visual project, use the template below:

On Wednesday, November 24, we will…

  • Have a brief check-in on how the work is going. This will be a time to ask questions, bring concerns, etc.
    • Update your “U3 Decisions” by hitting “reply” on your own post and letting me know the following information:
      • How things are going: good, bad, or so-so.
      • Give details! If it’s going well, say why. If it’s not, say why.
      • What you need to work on next to complete the project on time.
      • If you provide this update, it will stand in for your first draft–which is worth 50 points–but you must post it by 11:59 PM on Wednesday, November 24!
  • Continue to work on composing your multimodal piece.
  • Because of the holiday, I will NOT be holding office hours on Thursday, so if you have questions, ask them TODAY!

After class, students will…

  • Celebrate Thanksgiving with family and/or friends! 🙂
  • Continue working/writing their U3 Multimodal Project.
  • Keep the the final draft due date in mind. U3 is due by 11:59 PM on Monday, November 29! Instructions on how to upload the final draft will be shared by Monday, if not sooner.