Prof. Jessica Penner | OL33 | Fall 2021

Discussion Question: “Love in Black Lives”

How does Correal’s use of photographs help her to tell the story and what effect do the images have on you? Explain any reactions you have to the “multi-modal” aspect of this piece.


  1. Gerardo Ramos

    The piece is nice. The story telling of the author is really nice. How they talk about their interpretations of the photo and relate it to their time now, is very melodic, with showing you the photos as they write you can see the thinking process as it happens.

  2. adisa dumani

    it shows the realness to what she is writing and it is very moving to read and see the photos provided that really capture what she is writing about

  3. Jacky Li

    The use of old photographs and recent ones show a fuller story of a neighborhood with a lot of history but is also changing. It has a relatable element because it feels like going through a family photo album.

  4. Demetrius Brown-Williams

    I just found the photos really beautiful. It displays what life was like for them in that time, seeing them look back at the memories and experiencing it all over again is captivating.

  5. Lisa

    Photos help further understand a story more. Same with anything visual when you add it to your story or book or whatever the case is, it makes the audience use its own imagination to get what is trying to be said in their own way by looking at it in this case the photos.

  6. Valentina

    I liked how they converted a photo in words it was very moving. The different time differences is a great history of what it once was. I also liked the timeline of the photos

  7. Hadassel Gomez

    This is a cute story. it’s amazing that she had the though of picking up that album in the first place. I feel that today, most people would just pass by. I like that in the article they added those pictures so we can understand more of the situation. understand more of what the person was feeling at the moment of doing all that research.

  8. Afroza

    This is really I love it because how this is related to picture in real life. The old and new one showed back of the memory and experience.

  9. Romuald Thomas

    It was incredibly emotional, I like how they translated photos into words. I especially like the photo sequence.

  10. Jenny

    Correal’s use of photographs helps her to tell the story because one picture can mean anything just from an image. An image just from seeing it can change your mindset and your feelings. Pictures treasure your memories and it always to look back at it

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