Prof. Jessica Penner | OL33 | Fall 2021

Discussion Question: “College Students and Social Media”

What do you find compelling about this multimodal piece? Why?

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  1. Vimalsan Manoharan

    What catches my eye for that multimodal is definitely the drawn in images that also have the text inside them

  2. Ashley Gonzalez

    I am an artist myself so I appreciate the artwork in the assignment the most! Very simple but distinct.

  3. Rabbi

    It is little different. The way it presented and the pictures in the project caught my eyes.

  4. Lisa

    I like the style of art that this person used. The way the drawings are its not like an actual photo but more so a sketch drawing. That makes it more interesting and also the way the fonts are its not your usual typical font its different and of course cant miss the title page art that’s also very interesting to look at.

  5. Gerardo Ramos

    What caught my eye was the big art work pieced by hand with the big lettering of questions. Really nicely put together, really not just random pictures put together it almost like a story book. It also makes you think about your experience with social media.

  6. Demetrius Brown-Williams

    I really like the simplicity of it because it catches your eye without throwing up too much information at you.

  7. Jacky Li

    I noticed that in this project the person was able to incorporate a lot of information but in a minimal aesthetic . There was also the use of icons and different simple drawings that illustrated her topic which was social media. There was information presented around a drawing of an iPhone. The graphs provided statistics in a visual way that is easy to read.

  8. Valentina

    What caught my eye was really all the visuals and the way they express the issue and visuals are basically what teens see all day on their phones so it would watch our eyes.

  9. adisa dumani

    i like how its focused on both the images and graphs used as well as the text but also the fact that there isn’t so much to read, but what is written is very important and informative it gets straight to the point. and the images show a lot of variety of social media and shows the effects.

  10. abdullah

    the thing that caught my eye is how the art has meaning to it how you have to take a good look at the piece and try to understand it

  11. Staceyydeleon

    What I found compelling about this piece were all the drawings she used to answer her questions, she used her creativity to make her survey to answer her question which was to discover the main purpose of social media. She showed her data with her drawings.

  12. Romuald Thomas

    What drew my attention was the graphics and the manner in which they expressed the issue; pictures are essentially what most people look for when they not sure about something , i’ll help the person understand in which point of view it was being addressed.

  13. Hadassel Gomez

    The drawing definitlly caught my attention, it looks nice and it’s pretty much engaging. Besides that, I liked the topic in general. I enjoy when students, someone of my age or someone from this generation talk about this kind of topics. I believe its needed, to remeber each person that you have to controll the time you spend in your phone.

  14. Afroza

    I like that this is not only for drawing but behind of these draws have depth meaning that author showed us.

  15. Jenny

    What I find compelling about this multimodal piece is the drawing it is nice and pretty but there is always a meaning behind the creation.

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