Citation 1: ‘I Can’t Breathe’: 4 Minneapolis Officers Fired After Black Man Dies in Custody”

Summary: Well, this article made a big impact, especially on social media and in the news. An innocent black man was killed due to his color skin he was only 46 years old he had so much to live for and had a family who loved him dearly. The way he got killed was so unfair and so hard to watch because of four ignorant police thinking what they did was right. One police had his knee on his neck and he couldn’t breathe and they didn’t care enough that he was human and ended up taking his life away. Even though there were people witnessing this they couldn’t do anything because they are police and you can’t get involved but to see how they needed four police just to take down one black man say a lot. When this happened and the video started becoming viral, the polices involved who killed George Floyd weren’t in jail, so people around the world started protesting for justice. People weren’t going to be okay just because they are polices they going to kill an innocent human being so did what any human will do protest. The power and love from everyone we got finally did justice for George Floyd he really impacted for people of color skin to not judge them and be racist because, in the end, we are all human.

Reflection: When I see the world we live in is so cruel it makes me think are even human beings. When I saw the video and read the article it really made me sad and angry at the same time because like you know how before black people were slaves got treated so bad and now that we are in a free country they still get treated like that. It is so unfair to see a black man trying to live and even though he said “I can’t breathe ” the police didn’t care he treated him worst than an animal. In this world, we have bad and good but the power of everyone who knew what was right for George Floyd people was protesting for a month or so it was getting out of hands but in the end, we got what we wanted which was those policies involved in jail where they deserve to be.

Quotation: “George Floyd deserved better and his family deserves justice. His life mattered. I’m grateful for the swift action in Minneapolis to fire the officers involved — they must be held responsible for their egregious actions. The FBI should conduct a thorough investigation.” President Joe Biden

Citation #2

Trump Moves to End DACA and Calls on Congress to Act

Summary: As you know DACA is an amazing program that President Obama has done for immigrant kids to help their future and education. Later on, when Trump became president he wants to get rid of DACA even though he knows that he is going to crash 800,000 young unauthorized immigrants are protected under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. When the dreamers found that the president wants to crash the program that helped them from the beginning it was really was heartbreaking this program has done so many things for life and for the president just to take it away isn’t fair. The president said he doesn’t have any problem with the dreamers he doesn’t want criminals and people who are in the gang. So the president wants everyone to be a dreamer but when he started to proceed to shut down the program the dreamer wouldn’t go without a fight they start to protect. Regardless of the fact, he was racist to immigrate people and he wanted to deport them.

Reflection: As a child of two immigrant parents to see a president so cruel and wants to take down a program that helps immigrants is hurtful. Do I agree with him of course not taking away dreamers’ future and jobs are really heartbreaking? One thing that really disappoints me is that he wants to deport criminals and who are in a gang so you telling me every immigrant or Spanish are the same no he is just being racist. Even though I don’t agree with him the dreamers are stronger and powerful they wouldn’t let this go without a fight because no matter where you are from and what color skin you are we are all human beings and should be treated the same.

Quotation: “It is particularly cruel to offer young people the American dream, encourage them to come out of the shadows and trust our government, and then punish them for it.”

Citation #3

How a Gang Hunted and Killed a 15-Year-Old in the Bronx | NYT – Visual Investigations

Summary: Well, this was one of the most unbelievable ways of an innocent boy getting killed by mistaken identity. That’s isn’t the point way he got attacked and killed was awful he was only 15 years old he had a future and he as people who loved him. When the news and social media started blowing up especially the video where it showed how they killed him with a machete was one of the awful things they did. Imagine how his family felt they were upset mad and most all heartbroken about losing a boy who wanted to be a police who had a future. In the video, his mom speaks out about what happened that day of his death and she knew that the night in the Bronx is dangerous but he was going to the deli just one block from his house. His mom didn’t think much about it he was going to come back fast but one hour later they told her he got attacked it was too late he passed away in the hospital. She cried and everything but she had to become strong for her and her family she wanted justice for junior the way he got killed was so awful and cruel worst than an animal. You know from the power of the community the news, and social media they were able to capture the response of his death and sentenced them to prison for life.

Reflection: When I saw this in the news it was awful how an innocent boy gets killed by cruel people who don’t have a heart. When they did got captured I was happy because finally, they going to pay for everything they did. They did get lucky with the prison they are going to because they know damn well if they went to the regular one they were going to get killed. To see a mother suffer for his kid was heartbreaking but she wasn’t alone she had so much support from everyone for a kid who got killed for mistaken identity. The Bronx is one of the parts of New York that is dangerous every day someone dies due to gang-related and even worst gets killed for no reason. Overall, this video captures that life is short and to be careful going out in the night because you never know what can happen to you.

Quotation: “Whether it’s reporting on conflicts abroad and political divisions at home, or covering the latest style trends and scientific developments, New York Times video journalists provide a revealing and unforgettable view of the world. It’s all the news that’s fit to watch.”