Prof. Jessica Penner | OL33 | Fall 2021

Discussion Question: Student Samples–Multimodal Projects

What do you notice and what appeals to you about these projects? There are no right answers! Just hit “reply” and write a few sentences expressing what caught your eye about these pieces.


  1. Adam Shahin

    I noticed some of these deal with real life issues. Some of the issues consist of mental health issues, physical issues or even racial issues. All of these caught my eye even though they are all different in every way such as statement, rap, poster and visual. The ones that caught my eye the most were the visual ones and poster ones because it’s a drawing and both were designed nicely.

  2. Demetrius Brown-Williams

    What I notice and what appeals to me is that these are about current and relevant issues in our society today. I really thought the poster and visual were cool. The poster resonated with me having experience with struggling due to the cost of healthcare. The visual was a good way to highlight all the issues at once while making it interesting and not clustered.

  3. Rabbi

    I think it looks like more of visual work. I mean like not just writing or research. More of adding pictures or videos in our writing.

  4. adisa dumani

    what appeals to me is all the visuals there are because it can open up to a larger audience by grasping our attention and also still shedding light on the topic and relating to the topic at hand.

  5. Lisa

    S5 presentation caught my eye the most because of the pictures. I feel like if you’re doing anything visual its key to create something that will attract the eye that way once you have their attention you can then keep them there. Since you have their attention, whatever statements you add within the presentation will automatically be intriguing to the audience.

  6. Gerardo Ramos

    Looking at it the poem was very strong and emotional based. Really brings out the emotion of what is happening in the world at the time and what the author wants you to feel.

  7. adisa dumani

    i also liked the rap version it shows a lot of creativity but still addressing the topic and making good points. i like how each project can be attracting more people to understand and want to learn more about all the topics because it isn’t just a standard essay or annotated bibliography.

  8. Jacky Li

    I noticed that for a few of the visual presentations they are more of a powerpoint and not something that would be seen on actual advertisements or billboards. I like how this assignment allows us to relate back to things we are interested in such as poetry or rap music and it makes it more personable.

  9. Afroza

    I noticed that from these sample shows reality like what happen in the whole world. They talk about color, race, and about girl that early marriage and getting pregnant. These are really happen in the whole world. Also, for this projects they use poem, poster, slides and then they explain. I like all the sample because I noticed that all the sample are really important to know about these and important for the society people.

  10. Staceyydeleon

    I noticed this is a way to catch our audience attention with a visual created way. The rap caught my attention because it was a very creative way to bring attention to his or her social justice issue problem.

  11. Kimberly

    i liked the visual and poster. I like that the visual didn’t have much words and it still presented a strong message. the poster had more wording but the colors and pictures caught my attention and i wanted to read it.

  12. Vimalsan Manoharan

    What catches my attention is the images that are eye-popping and the visuals behind the writing to match with the writing, also tackling the events that are happening today.

  13. Valentina

    I actually love the presentation sample it’s short and still tells what what the problem is .visuals tell a lot. These different samples show how many different skills from people can help with the audience. It’s a bunch of creativity presented.

  14. Jenny

    I have noticed is social injustice which in this world we have a lot of cruel people who hurt innocent human being and want justice.

  15. Romuald Thomas

    I realized that this is a visual inspired approach of grabbing our audience’s attention. I was drawn to his or her creativity because it was used in an unusual way to draw attention to a social justice issue.

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