Professor Jessica Penner

Reflection #3

Read the following quote by Dr. Pamela Brown, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs:

Learning is a source of hope for a better future. It requires hard work and sacrifice which can be even more difficult in challenging times. Your time in college is also your opportunity to connect with others, lift your spirit, enrich your life, and develop the skills and knowledge to make a difference in your community.
— Dr. Pamela Brown, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

Choose a question below and write a reflection in the comment box at the bottom of this page.

  • What life experiences have prepared me for college?
  • When I have been faced with a difficult situation, what strategies did I use to find a solution?
  • How will I create positive academic habits for myself?

Read and comment on another student’s post. These are your classmates, encourage them to work towards their goals.


  1. Cindy


    A: When it comes to problems I realize how it makes me feel then look at where the problem started and find ways to tackle where it was wrong.

    • Jason Birchfield

      Looking into the root of the problem is definitely one of the best ways of resolving it!

  2. Reese Carmona

    Question #1

    I think that my senior year in high school was one thing that has prepared me for college because we were a lot more independent and the teachers let us do our own work. Another thing was recently moving, it was a big change like college will be but I know that I can handle big changes in my life. Those are just some experiences that I had to prepare me for college.

    • Jason Birchfield

      A good thing about the freshman year of college is the fact that you have to take familiar classes, like English, so you can build your work ethic before you get to your major-specific classes.

  3. Madeline Canales

    Question 1

    Life experience that I can say has prepared me for college is me teaching. So I would teach little kids ages 6-9 on Saturdays and two weeks in July at a church school. Organization has helped me a-lot because I would need to go over the tasks. Also activities that needed to be provided.

  4. Cindip

    Q#1 response:

    High school for sure prepared me for college. In high school I had mentors prepare me and explain to me what to expect in college. Not only that but they gave me real life opportunities to learn how to be responsible and manage time. For example, I was able to get an internship at a orthodontist, which not only helped me understand what major I am going into but it also taught me time management and the responsibilities that I will have in college. It helped me understand how life might be if I have to go from school to work.

    • Jason Birchfield

      That’s great! I didn’t really get these kinds of opportunities in high school, so its good to know they’ve been preparing students better.

  5. kamila garcia

    Question 1: I think that my high school really helped me gain a sense of preparation for college because of the structure. In most is nit all of my classes i had a syllabus to follow and a lot of sophomore – senior year was about college preparation and tips. A lot of the things we are learning in CT101 are things that i thankfully learned at my high school. Its nice to get a refresher though, because with the couple of months outside of school, its easy to forget.

    • Jason Birchfield

      Oh wow, I never had anything like that in high school. It’s good they prepared you; it should be a much easier transition!

  6. Ferddy


    I will create a positive academic mindset by creating a schedule including work, classes and free time. Where i can add times and dates to study to make sure im always prepared and submit my work on time

    • Jason Birchfield

      That’s definitely a valid strategy, creating consistency is key!

  7. Lizzie Quezada

    I will be creating positive academic habits by setting routines that benefit my day-to-day schedule, meaning getting good sleep, organizing my school assignments/schedule, time managing by finding the best times to study will all help create the best academic habits for myself.

  8. Melissa Gomez

    • Question 1: What life experiences have prepared me for college?
    • I believe that I have many experiences that prepared me for college, one of them being that I didn’t exactly go straight to college after I finished high school. It’s not something I regret like most people in my life told me I would, I look at it more as a very important journey. Seeing my peers graduate after I took a long break was very humbling but much needed for my growth. It forced me to find out what I really wanted to study, and not just do what was expected of me. I believe this experience prepared me for college because now I am here due to this being my decision. I took the time to figure out what I am passionate about and because of this I feel ready as I ever will be.
    • Jason Birchfield

      I agree on your view on not going to college directly after high school. Sometimes it’s good to wait, and it’s good you waited to find out what you wanted to study!

  9. skylar


    Creating positive academic habits will benefit my school life and my personal life. Setting routines and sticking to them will help realive stress and create more oppourtunity for free time and studying. One habit I would like to develop is a bed time. It’s an important part of creating positive academic habits because you can not learn if you didnt have a good nights sleep.

    • Jason Birchfield

      You’re definitely on the right track, a good nights sleep can really help with paying attention in class and studying!

  10. Adolfo J.


    When I am caught in a difficult and stressful situation I tend to back up from the problem and think about the variables in order to figure out what I have to do. I try to organize and get through the problem step by step. slow and steady. I believe that can be a positive academic habit as well if I have a lot of work to do so it doesn’t get out of hand.

    Adolfo J.

    • Jason Birchfield

      I think that’s extremely introspective strategy, you’ll definitely do well in your classes with that methodology!

  11. Julmide Mentor

    Question #3

    I will create a positive academic habit for myself by having a specific time study for each class, manage my free time well, take a nap when I feel tired and drained. Will try my best to not procrastinate and submit all assignments before due dates.

    • kevin25valencia

      Yes, it’s important to recharge yourself every now and then to not feel burnout.

  12. FerddyDuran27


    I will create a positive academic habit by creating a schedule where i have time to study and do all my assignments on time. And i will also create a relationship w my classmates and professors so that way i can communicate w them at anytime if i ever need help.

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