Prof. Jessica Penner | LC03 | Fall 2022

Reflection #11

Consider the discussions we had today about self-advocacy. Share a concept (idea) you believe is important and explain what the concept means to you as a college student/learner.

Read and comment on another student’s post.


  1. Isabella

    I believe the concept of time management and keeping a schedule is important, especially as a student in college. It means to keep/stay on track with your work and flow well with the time you have provided.

  2. Phadmanie Persaud

    i believe the concept of time management also just because have a date put on assignments or important assignments help you stay on track and it also helps you finish your work on time.

    • Aneeza Hussain

      Exactly! I agree that deadlines are important to keep you on track, if we didn’t have deadlines we wouldn’t get any work done.

  3. Jazilyn

    I believe that the concept of organization is really important because it helps you remember what belongs to which class or having your materials organized so that it’s easier to find when the time is needed for maybe a lab class or a class in general where you need specific things. It also helps prevent mixing up important papers and losing them.

    • Madelyn Kelly

      Hi Jazilyn!

      I completely agree! Organization is one of the key elements to not only being a successful student, but also being successful in your career and life. Keep it up!

  4. Rebekah Senat

    I think the idea of time management is also important since giving assignments or important tasks on a deadline will help you remain on track and completing your work on time.

  5. Shanaya Bartholomew

    I believe the concept of organization is really important in your college career because it can make or break your grades. If you are not organized enough, that can lead you to missing important assignments making it a late submission. It can also make you lose important documents, and sometimes college professors aren’t so forgiving when it comes to giving out extras. Being organized and detailed can make you feel less frantic and make you feel like you have things under control when classes feel stressul.

    • Madelyn Kelly

      Hey Shanaya!

      Organization is key! I’m so glad you are realizing that and how important it is to be organized in both your school/work/everyday life. Great job!

  6. Rebekah Senat

    I think the idea of time management is also important because your giving in assignments on time and also important tasks on a deadline will help you remain on track and completing your work on time.

    • Madelyn Kelly

      Hi Rebekah!

      I totally agree! I think that deadlines, overall, improve your time management skills.

      Great work!

  7. Christian

    I find the conpect of being who you are at your responsibility and managing time to make sure your work is done during your busy schedule. I feel like working, school can be very challenging and especially wanting your free time.

    • Madelyn Kelly

      Hi Christian!

      I totally agree, it can be difficult to juggle different responsibilities all at one time, but managing your time and knowing when you need to take a break are important to stay organized with a busy schedule. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Terrisha Karimbocas

    Being able to have time management is an important aspect when talking bout being responsible with things you have to do in your everyday life. It also builds the ability to have a strong routine.

    • Aneeza Hussain

      I agree, time management not only keeps everything organized physically but also mentally. It really works for college students especially because it helps us focus on things that need more attention.

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