New Student Success Workshop

Semester Year

Fall 2022


Meeting Days/Times: Fridays, 11 AM – 1 PM

Zoom Link:

Meeting ID: 872 2112 0958
Passcode: 548985

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Name: Jessica Penner

City Tech Email:


New York City College of Technology is a baccalaureate and associate degree-granting institution committed to providing broad access to high quality technological and professional education for a diverse urban population. City Tech’s distinctive emphasis on applied skills and place-based learning built upon a vibrant general education foundation equips students with both problem-solving skills and an understanding of the social contexts of technology that make its graduates competitive. A multi-disciplinary approach and creative collaboration are hallmarks of the academic programs. As a community City Tech nurtures an atmosphere of inclusion, respect, and open-mindedness in which all members can flourish.


This workshop focuses on helping new students transition to college life, and specifically to City Tech. The workshop will enhance the new student experience with information, activities, and various opportunities to connect with faculty, staff, and current City Tech students. In addition to learning how to access a variety of college services and resources, students will develop personalized plans for their college career.


Upon completion of this workshop, students will be able to:

  1. Identify tools and strategies for learning in a virtual and in-person environment.
  2. Describe resources available at the college and university.
  3. Distinguish major degree offerings at the college.
  4. Recognize vocabulary specific to the college community.
  5. Communicate in diverse settings and groups, using written, oral, and visual means.


In order to successfully complete the workshop, students need to:

  • Actively Participate: Attend workshop sessions, and contribute to an engaging learning experience in an inclusive manner.
  • Complete Surveys: Complete a Pre-Workshop Survey and a Post-Workshop Survey. 
  • Reflect: Share your thoughts and experiences, in writing, based on the workshop topics, in Reflections on workshop OpenLab site.




This course welcomes students from all backgrounds, experiences and perspectives. In accordance with the City Tech and CUNY missions, this course intends to provide an atmosphere of inclusion, respect, and the mutual appreciation of differences so that together we can create an environment in which all students can flourish. It is the instructor’s goal to provide materials and activities that are welcoming and accommodating of diversity in all of its forms, including race, gender identity and presentation, ethnicity, national origin, religion, cultural identity, socioeconomic background, sexuality and sexual orientation, ability, neurodivergence, age, and etc. Your instructor is committed to equity and actively seeks ways to challenge institutional racism, sexism, ableism and other forms of prejudice. Your input is encouraged and appreciated. If a dynamic that you observe or experience in the course concerns you, you may respectfully inform your instructor without fear of how your concerns will affect your grade.  Let your instructor know how to improve the effectiveness of the course for you personally, or for other students or student groups. We acknowledge that NYCCT is located on the traditional homelands of the Canarsie and Lenape peoples. 


City Tech is committed to supporting the educational goals of enrolled students with disabilities in the areas of enrollment, academic advisement, tutoring, assistive technologies, and testing accommodations. If you have or think you may have a disability, you may be eligible for reasonable accommodations or academic adjustments as provided under applicable federal, state and city laws. You may also request services for temporary conditions or medical issues under certain circumstances. If you have questions about your eligibility or would like to seek accommodation services or academic adjustments, you can leave a voicemail at 718-260-5143, send an email to:, or visit the Center’s website at for more information. 


Students and all others who work with information, ideas, texts, images, music, inventions, and other intellectual property owe their audience and sources accuracy and honesty in using, crediting, and citing sources. As a community of intellectual and professional workers, the College recognizes its responsibility for providing instruction in information literacy and academic integrity, offering models of good practice, and responding vigilantly and appropriately to infractions of academic integrity. Accordingly, academic dishonesty is prohibited in The City University of New York and at New York City College of Technology and is punishable by penalties, including failing grades, suspension, and expulsion. The complete text of the College policy on Academic Integrity may be found in the catalog.


Each student has the right to study and learn in a comfortable, safe, supportive environment that promotes self-esteem – free of fear, humiliation, intimidation, offensive or suggestive language.


Students who participate in this class with their camera on or use a profile image are agreeing to have their video or image recorded solely for the purpose of creating a record for students enrolled in the class to refer to, including those enrolled students who are unable to attend live.  If you are unwilling to consent to have your profile or video image recorded, be sure to keep your camera off and do not use a profile image. Likewise, students who un-mute during class and participate orally are agreeing to have their voices recorded.  If you are not willing to consent to have your voice recorded during class, you will need to keep your mute button activated and communicate exclusively using the “chat” feature, which allows students to type questions and comments live.


Students are NOT permitted to record any part of the class or office hours. This includes screenshots on Zoom. If there is a need to record for some reason, students must get permission from the professor via email BEFORE the recording takes place.


Per college policy, the instructor will only communicate with students via their City Tech email address (the one that ends with and Blackboard. Most emails receive a response within 48 hours—if you don’t receive a response after two days, check the email address (and spelling), and email again. 

Many students find that the best way to keep track of their email is to download the Outlook app on their phone.

**Successful students check their email and Blackboard daily!**


Session 1: 8/26

Academic Basics: #WelcomeToCityTech

Session Objectives

  • To examine learning outcomes of the City Tech 101 Student Success Workshop
  • To recognize City Tech instructional technology
  • To recognize the impact of communication in college settings

Session 2: 9/9

The Syllabus

Session Objectives

  • To identify and discuss the components of a syllabus 
  • To make connections between college resources and information presented in a syllabus 
  • To discuss the role of instructors in the learning process 
  • To develop questions pertaining to the information presented on the syllabus

Session 3: 9/16


Session Objectives

  • To share strategies and tools to create a productive learning environment
  • To prepare a schedule for successful use of time 
  • To identify personal approaches to self-care 

Session 4: 9/23

Behind the Scenes: What You Can Do at City Tech

Session Objectives

  • To compare various departments and majors at City Tech
  • To differentiate the distinctive applied skills of various majors 
  • To identify the place-based or lab-based learning opportunities which build upon the general education core curriculum

Session 5: 9/30

You Paid for, It Use It: Resources + Services

Session Objectives

  • To identify resources at the college and on the college’s website 
  • To engage with the resources available at the college and on the college’s website
  • To discuss what academic integrity is, why it is important in academia, and what it means to each student

Session 6: 10/7

Get Your Head in the Game: Mindset Matters

Session Objectives

  • To define the mindset of a learner
  • To practice the steps to a growth mindset 
  • To identify campus resources to support a growth mindset

Session 7: 10/14

#aMAJORdecision: Practical Steps

Session Objectives

  • To read and differentiate the various sections of a degree audit
  • To develop questions about the student’s course of study by major
  • To complete two years of a My Academic Career Planner

Session 8: 10/21

Coming to Terms with College Vocabulary 

Session Objectives

  • To develop awareness of vocabulary unique to college life
  • To identify various resources found on the college website

Session 9: 10/28

A Long-Term Decision

Session Objectives

  • To identify the career services available through the college to support students’ development of essential competencies necessary to make informed decisions to achieve their career goals.*
  • To discuss opportunities which help students pursue their personal and professional objectives.*

*The objectives above are adapted from the Professional Development Center

Session 10: 11/4

#YellowJacketLife: The Buzz on your Future

Session Objectives:

  • To discuss various co- and extra- curriculars available at City Tech 
  • To discuss involvement in college-affiliated activities r

Session 11: 11/11

Self-Advocacy and Motivation

Session Objectives:

  • To identify personal, academic, and career development support available through the counseling center*
  • To identify access to crisis counseling for mental health needs*
  • To evaluate workshops offered by the counseling center*

*The objectives above are adapted from Counseling Services 

Session 12: 11/18

Academic Integrity

Session Objectives:

  • To discuss the values of trust, honesty, and fairness.*
  • To define academic honesty. *
  • To examine the student and faculty role in the process of teaching, learning, and exchanging ideas, concepts, and skills in a responsible manner.*

*The objectives above are adapted from City Tech Academic Integrity

Session 13: 12/2

Moving Forward: Buzzing Toward Graduation

Session Objectives:

  • To explain the requirements for graduation 
  • To prepare an action plan for next semester
  • To construct a graduation goal
  • To summarize the experience of a first semester student at City Tech

Session 14: 12/9

Emerging from ‘The Cave’: What We Know Now

Session Objectives:

  • To assess the first semester at City Tech 
  • To share the experience of a first semester student at City Tech
  • To connect the theories and practices explored during CT101 to literature
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