Today we visited the market where they sell fresh fruits and vegetables, everything looked fresh and delicious. Not only did they have a huge selection of fruits and vegetables there was also a section with a flea market full of antiques and retro clothing. after we shopped around the outdoor market we went inside to the indoor market where they sold all different cuts of meat, assortments of cheeses, pastas and pate. After shopping around we purchased some cheeses, breads and pate for our picnic. as we walked back towards the park we stopped at a small wine store/bar where they had all different types of wines stored in barrels. We filled up a few bottles with some of the wines and made our way back to the park where we set up all of the different things that we bought and had a tasting. I really enjoyed all the different cheeses that we sampled, some I have had back in New York that tasted different here and others that I have never tried that I really enjoyed. After the picnic was over we had a hotel visit in the afternoon that I unfortunately  was unable to attend due to the fact that I wasn’t feeling well, although I was not there I heard great things about the hotel and even received the generous gift bag that they gave out. Other than me not felling well I had a great day shopping at the market and picnicking with the other students and our professors.

the assortment of cheeses in the open market.

The market

Heirloom Tomatoes


Barrels of wine

Cheese and Wine in the Park for our Picnic

1 thought on “First Day of Summer in France

  1. Julia V. Jordan

    How lucky you all are.
    Barrels of wine remind me of a visit to southern France. On the way from Vaison La Romaine to a tiny town nearer to Mont Ventoux, we stopped at a wine store, and local customers came by with their liter-sized containers and bought the wine before it was bottled. Just everyday drinking wine as close to the source as permitted.

    Enjoy the first day of Summer in France especially with the extra moments of day light. Remember where you are when the sun sets.
    A bien tot


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