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Hope Gozo

June 23, 2017

Today is a bittersweet time for many of us. Although some of us are beginning to feel homesick and are longing for the familiarity of New York City and of our loved ones, Paris is beautiful and has been great to us! Throughout the past 3 weeks the sun has been shining, (a little bit too much sometimes), we have had the opportunity to network exceptional people and have had interesting social experiences with others tourist and the Parisian locals.

As our professors and liaisons were hard at work making sure that we were on track to have a smooth departure from the hotel, we were planning our last night in Paris as a group.

Some of choice to spend the beginning of our day purchasing the last of our gifts and momentoes ; while others choose to use this little bit of time to see some of their favorite sights.

Although we did not spend the beginning of our day together as a group,  hopefully we will all be able to come together at the end of the night to have a fun boat ride on the Seine.

 For many of us, tonight will be our last night in Paris and we all want to come together to enjoy it the same way we started, as the Thomas Ahrens Work/Study Program Class of 2017!

Pullman Hotels and Resorts

I love this view, Timeless.

Perfect Hotel Room

Health is very important and fitness harder.

Hello, How are you ? Pullman Hotels and Resorts.

Today is the last day of the class, We have visited the Pullman hotels and resorts. I really in love this hotel because it reminded me Las Vegas a lot. Theme or style are very similar like most the hotel right there which is modern and performance, specially the design of the window give you the fully view from outside. That is the hotel room I am obsessed all the time, Just like that cozy and relaxing.Pullman is the four or five stars hotel, it suitable for business, travel or pleasure including fitness center, spa, restaurant, convention room. This hotel perfectly for business travel or vacation definitely give you unforgettable memories in Paris. A wonderful Memories can makes you feel happy bottom of your heart and smile automatically every time you think about it. It reminds you how excited in that moment and how happy you was in that location. This is a power of memories and this is a goal for people who work in the hospitality industry, make people happy and help people create lifetime memories. When I first step in this hotel, all my memories come out my mind — the days of Las Vegas, because that vacation given me ideas of my career plan, makes me really know what I want to do– work in the luxury hotel like the people I seen in Vegas before and today in Pullman. Paris you have the power makes me feel crazy. Hotel you have the magic gives me countless motivation.

Today we visited the market where they sell fresh fruits and vegetables, everything looked fresh and delicious. Not only did they have a huge selection of fruits and vegetables there was also a section with a flea market full of antiques and retro clothing. after we shopped around the outdoor market we went inside to the indoor market where they sold all different cuts of meat, assortments of cheeses, pastas and pate. After shopping around we purchased some cheeses, breads and pate for our picnic. as we walked back towards the park we stopped at a small wine store/bar where they had all different types of wines stored in barrels. We filled up a few bottles with some of the wines and made our way back to the park where we set up all of the different things that we bought and had a tasting. I really enjoyed all the different cheeses that we sampled, some I have had back in New York that tasted different here and others that I have never tried that I really enjoyed. After the picnic was over we had a hotel visit in the afternoon that I unfortunately  was unable to attend due to the fact that I wasn’t feeling well, although I was not there I heard great things about the hotel and even received the generous gift bag that they gave out. Other than me not felling well I had a great day shopping at the market and picnicking with the other students and our professors.

the assortment of cheeses in the open market.

The market

Heirloom Tomatoes


Barrels of wine

Cheese and Wine in the Park for our Picnic

Last Day of Culinary and Baking Classes

As the date for our departure approaches, we felt a little melancholic at the thought that we will be returning home soon. Today was our last day for our culinary and pastry classes. we made bouilla base  and duck foie gras for appetizer and veal roulade stuffed with turkey farce for entree and ended with chocolate cheese cake for our dessert.

We worked very hard and fast to ensure that the meal was ready on time. it was very emotional when we all received our certificates of completion because it was a reminder that hard work does pay off and that we have successfully achieved yet another goal during our visit to Paris. After receiveing our certificates we proceeded to eat and celebrate together this accomplishment. but we were also pondering over the fact although we love being in Paris, learning and discovering the beautiful culture behind this city, we will eventually head back to New York pretty soon.

After finishing our meal, we quickly proceeded to clean up and make sure everythimg was done in a timely manner. However, we were very exhausted and it was very hot outside. After everything was done, Professor Warner and Professor Zinder as well as one of our liaisons, Michelle gave a speech congratulating us for working so hard in the kitchen and for successfully completing this part of the program.

After the classes were done, we changed our clothes said our goodbyes to the chef and director and headed out to the RER station. I couldn’t help but to look back and realize that we will not be coming back the next day; the classes are over, so it made me a little sad. It was a wonderful experience to be able to apply our culinary and pastry skills in a French Kitchen and I had fun and learned a lot from the professors as well as my classmates. This was definitely a wonderful time that i’m sure we will all miss.


Displaying IMG_3770.JPG Pastry team.


Displaying IMG_3773.JPG Culinary team.


Displaying IMG_3805.JPG receiving my certificate.

Displaying IMG_3780.JPG

Starters cups of intestine/apples/goat cheese and Melon/Ham.

Displaying IMG_3813.JPG Bouilla base  and duck foie gras.


Displaying IMG_3814.JPG Veal roulade stuffed with turkey farce.


Displaying IMG_3816.JPG Chocolate cheesecake.




Third Day of Culinary and Baking Classes

Today is our third day of lab classes. The RER train was delayed in this morning and we couldn’t take the bus to the Saint Pierre. We walked to the college from the Brunoy station for 20 minutes. The college stands on the hill, so it was like a hiking. Once we got to the lab room, we started to cook as always we split into group A and B.

Hiking to the school


Group A

The group A prepared the dessert which is White Chocolate with Pecan Tartlets.

Pâte Brisée for Pecan Tartlets

Pecan Tartlets

Group B

The group B cooked Toast with Red Mullet Pates and Egg Salad for appetizer and Fillet of Duck with Pear Cooked in Wine and Croquettes Potatoes for entrée.

Croquettes Potatoes

Duck meat



Everyone was satisfied with today’s meal especially fillet of duck! It was tasty. Tomorrow is our last day of culinary and baking class. I hope we will enjoy the last class.



Aya, Ambar, Henry, Gabriele, Bella and myself in front of sleeping beauty’s castle

Today a group of us woke up very early to go to Disneyland! We took the 13 to saint Lazare to take the RER, but the station was closed! So we had to take another train to get to the right stop. At first, I wasn’t sure I wanted to go but I caved and I went. I’m so glad I did! The train ride to Disney wasn’t that bad, but I think it was because I slept through the entire ride. When we got to the last stop, the excitement started building. Hundreds of little kids and their parents scrambled to get to the exit. The minute I walked into the park I felt like I was a little kid again. I have so many fond memories of Disney and being back here again brought a lot of nostalgia. We all kept stopping at every little shop and the first thing we purchased were Minnie Mouse ears. Your visit to Disney isn’t complete unless you have Mickey or Minnie Mouse ears! Out of the 7 that came, two were visiting Disney for the first time. I felt so excited for them because I know how magical Disney is and how it transforms you into a little kid no matter how old you are. We were so excited that we didn’t know which way to go first! We decided to head towards Adventure Land to get on the first roller coaster we saw. The line wasn’t that long we had to wait 30 minutes which is nothing compared to six flags! The weather was very warm today so we kept getting tired but that didn’t deter our excitement. At some point we had to stop to get some food because we were famished! We got little snacks and then got back to all the fun. My favorite part of the park was the tower of terror. I have this one memory of when I went to Disney as a child and being terrified of the tower of terror because I hated heights. But I got on because my father forced me too! When we got to the tower of terror I got the feeling I got as a little kid, the butterflies started kicking in! But it was all worth it. I enjoyed the tower of terror even more now that I’m older. To end our night, we are going to see the fireworks by sleeping beauty’s castle.

The finale of the fireworks show at sleeping beauty’s castle

Us on the tower of terror. Our faces are priceless!

  1. Tapestry in Sleeping beauty’s castle

    Gabriele and Henry’s first ever Disney experience



***2 weeks down, 1 more week to go****

The Versailles Group

Today, a group of 10 ( ironically we were all with our roommates) went to visit the town of Versailles, in which we got to explore the Chateau De Versailles and the jardin.

The day was rather hot, but not as bad as it has been in the past few days. We were able to get in relatively quickly considering it was a Saturday.

Golden Gates to the Palace of Versailles

King Louis XIV Statue

Le Palace

Gates to Versaille

Every step of the way, we were amazed by the intensity of the palace, and the size and attention to detail every part of the premises consisted of. To think that lineages of royalty and the history that has traveled through was mesmerizing.

We came across the grand canal, in which we rowed boats with each other and enjoyed the scenery and peacefulness that came along with every paddle. That, was certainly the highlight of our day.


We also stumbled upon the Trianon Hotel, which is operated by Waldorf Astoria, and features Gordon Ramsay restaurant, in which we were all inclined to visit the lobby and see the service-scape of the place. It was definitely a higher end clientele, however the hotel was beautiful and the staff was very welcoming.

We thoroughly enjoyed our day, and even contemplated staying for the new night show in the musical garden with fireworks that had started today, but unfortunately, all of our phones had died and the heat and the trip was extensive already as it was.

Rowing the boat in the Grand Canal

One of the many beautiful fountains in Versailles.

Jardin de Versailles

Chandelier Room


Second Day of Cunlinary & Baking Classes

Everyone was very excited for our second day of  lab classes. It was also our first time traveling as a class without Professor Warner. Once we arrived we were pleasantly surprised that we had to serve Kindergarteners breakfast. After changing into our uniform we went straight to work. The class prepared scrambled eggs, bacon and toast for our guest.

Kindergarteners eating the breakfast we prepared for them.

Group Photo of the Kindergarten class.

After our breakfast with the children, we prepared lunch for ourselves and the professors of the school. as always we split into two groups, A and B.

Group A, The group I am in, prepared Lunch. For todays appetizer we had mussels. and for our entrée we served Rabbit, with celery puree, blue chips and asparagus.

Appetizer of Mussels

Entrée of rabbit with sides.

Group B went into the pastry lab to prepare different Flavors of Macarons.

Group B preparing the Macarons.

Chocolate, Lemon and Coconut Macarons. (not picture Mango-Passion Fruit Macarons).

After we ate the delicious food we prepared, everyone cleaned the kitchen as a team. Then We changed into our street clothes and headed back to our hotel, to rest from the long productive day.





First Culinary and Baking Classes in CFA St. Pierre!!!

Today is the first day of culinary and baking classes for out Thomas Ahrens International Study Program!!!!!! Usually, we would do tours in hotels, restaurants, and parts of Paris but today, we do not have tours, we had a culinary and baking classes at St. Pierre.

Coffee to prepare ourselves! *-*

We all had to wake up early because cannot afford to be late, especially as hospitality students, we must display our professionalism. We all met up at the hotel lobby around 6:40 in the morning and left at 6:45 am. First, we would walk to our metro station Malakoff Plateau de Vanves to take the Metro 13 train and get to St. Lazare to transfer to the Metro 14 train. Then we would transfer to the RER D train at the station because the college was outside of Paris. We took the RER to the station Brunoy and then transfer to the bus that will take us to the school.

As we arrived, we changed into our chef uniforms, it gave us many memories because of the classes we took at City Tech.  Since there are two classes, we separated into out groups A and B. Group A gets to take the baking class and group B gets to take the culinary class.  Since I am part of group B, I will be participating in the culinary class, unfortunately, I will not know what will be going on in the baking class, but group B will definitely get a chance to be in the baking class tomorrow!

Our Culinary Chef Professor!

The culinary class was in charge of making today’s first and second courses. The first course is Warm Salmon, Pate de Tete with Seasonal Vegetables. The second course is Fricassee de Volaille Legumes Printaniers. The culinary chef professor had split our group in half, half the group will work on the first course and the other half will work on the second course. I was working in the first course. One of the important factors of the day was teamwork. With teamwork, everything was finished deliciously. Later, we had a family meal and everyone was satisfied. We will definitely look forward to out next class tomorrow!!

First Course- Warm Salmon, Pate de Tete with Seasonal Vegetables

Second Course- Fricassee de Volaille Legumes Printaniers

Bonsoir à tous! 

Another day has passed in the city of lights. Today, the class visited the Montparnasse Tower, which is the only skyscraper within Paris’s perimeter. From the Adagio Aparthotel, the duration of the trip was only 15 minutes. We took the Metro 13 to Montparnasse and when we exited the station, the tower was less than a five minute walk. The staff at the Montparnasse Tower were attentive, efficient and informative! Our tour guide was the director of marketing and sales. After a brief introduction of the tower, we were able to visit the upper observatory and take pictures. The Montparnasse Tower has the best view of Paris, and overlooks 50-80 landmarks! The view was absolutely stunning; buildings and landmarks reached back as far as the eye could see. The skyscraper has an impressive 58 floors and an upper observatory that has a 360 degree panoramic view of Paris.

Some photos from Montparnasse Tower; views from the observatory and listening to the tour guide

Group photo during the Montparnasse Tower tour

After taking photos and spotting landmarks that I had already gone to, I went to Black Pinky which is a Pan Asian restaurant located at 30 Rue De La Gaite. The food was mouth watering and filling; I ordered the Bo Kho which is a Southeastern Asian cuisine that includes vegetables and beef that has been simmered for four hours. The beef was extremely tender and the flavors of the broth complimented the dish well. The meal left me feeling satisfied and gluttonous for more. To my dismay, we had eaten so well that we did not realize that time had passed so quick! Maybe this is the reason why Parisians are given up to two hours for lunch. We rushed to our second stop, which was a walking tour led by Aliyyaa, Nagisa, and Angela at Jardin des Plantes.

Top left: Assorted Starters
Bottom left: Business Card
Top right: Mango Salad
Bottom left: Bo Kho

The Jardin des Plantes is located at the last stop of the Metro 10, Gare d’Austerlitz. Aliyyaa presented first by explaining the transportation to get to the park, Nagisa described the park and the surrounding places within the park, and Angela presented the things to do around the park. The finishing touches of the presentation was Aliyyaa showing the class the various flowers in the garden that had strong scents. There were roses that smelled sweet and some others that smelled like baby powder. Overall, the presentation was well researched and I felt that they did an exceptional job! Bon travail!

Top left and right: Flowers in the garden
Bottom left: The group presenting.
Bottom right: Archway leading to the garden

The last stop of the day was Hotel Le Boutet. To get to the hotel, we had to take the metro 8 to Faidherbe-Chaligny. Hotel Le Boutet is the first five star boutique hotel on the Eastern side of Paris. They offer a swimming pool, fitness center, and breakfast for an additional charge. What was impressive about this hotel tour was the fact that all the rooms that we visited did not look alike. Two of the suites were designed by graduated students at the local Architecture school, which I felt was an impeccable way to include the community with hospitality. The design of the rooms were intimate, delicate, and unique. Overall, I felt that the hotel’s target demographics was towards business guests and couples. But it would not be suitable for children since most of the rooms were very small.

The entrance to Hotel Le Boutet

From the Montparnasse Tower to Hotel Le Boutet, today was filled with adventures and laughter. By the time the clock made its’ way to 5:00pm, we had dragged our tired feet to our rooms for rest and relaxation. Although we may be tired, our excitement and anxiousness for the impending day is apparent. For now, Au revoir!