Last Day of Culinary and Baking Classes

As the date for our departure approaches, we felt a little melancholic at the thought that we will be returning home soon. Today was our last day for our culinary and pastry classes. we made bouilla base  and duck foie gras for appetizer and veal roulade stuffed with turkey farce for entree and ended with chocolate cheese cake for our dessert.

We worked very hard and fast to ensure that the meal was ready on time. it was very emotional when we all received our certificates of completion because it was a reminder that hard work does pay off and that we have successfully achieved yet another goal during our visit to Paris. After receiveing our certificates we proceeded to eat and celebrate together this accomplishment. but we were also pondering over the fact although we love being in Paris, learning and discovering the beautiful culture behind this city, we will eventually head back to New York pretty soon.

After finishing our meal, we quickly proceeded to clean up and make sure everythimg was done in a timely manner. However, we were very exhausted and it was very hot outside. After everything was done, Professor Warner and Professor Zinder as well as one of our liaisons, Michelle gave a speech congratulating us for working so hard in the kitchen and for successfully completing this part of the program.

After the classes were done, we changed our clothes said our goodbyes to the chef and director and headed out to the RER station. I couldn’t help but to look back and realize that we will not be coming back the next day; the classes are over, so it made me a little sad. It was a wonderful experience to be able to apply our culinary and pastry skills in a French Kitchen and I had fun and learned a lot from the professors as well as my classmates. This was definitely a wonderful time that i’m sure we will all miss.


Displaying IMG_3770.JPG Pastry team.


Displaying IMG_3773.JPG Culinary team.


Displaying IMG_3805.JPG receiving my certificate.

Displaying IMG_3780.JPG

Starters cups of intestine/apples/goat cheese and Melon/Ham.

Displaying IMG_3813.JPG Bouilla base  and duck foie gras.


Displaying IMG_3814.JPG Veal roulade stuffed with turkey farce.


Displaying IMG_3816.JPG Chocolate cheesecake.




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