Hope Gozo

June 23, 2017

Today is a bittersweet time for many of us. Although some of us are beginning to feel homesick and are longing for the familiarity of New York City and of our loved ones, Paris is beautiful and has been great to us! Throughout the past 3 weeks the sun has been shining, (a little bit too much sometimes), we have had the opportunity to network exceptional people and have had interesting social experiences with others tourist and the Parisian locals.

As our professors and liaisons were hard at work making sure that we were on track to have a smooth departure from the hotel, we were planning our last night in Paris as a group.

Some of choice to spend the beginning of our day purchasing the last of our gifts and momentoes ; while others choose to use this little bit of time to see some of their favorite sights.

Although we did not spend the beginning of our day together as a group,  hopefully we will all be able to come together at the end of the night to have a fun boat ride on the Seine.

 For many of us, tonight will be our last night in Paris and we all want to come together to enjoy it the same way we started, as the Thomas Ahrens Work/Study Program Class of 2017!

One thought on “Last Day In Paris-dise!

  1. Julia V. Jordan

    All good things come to a closing point. I have always appreciated the term, au revoir. It evokes hopefulness and longing to enjoy and build on fond memories. Class of 2017 — always a shared memory no matter when you venture, you will always be connected through this experiential learning time together.

    May you all travel safely to your next destination …. Graduates, Congratulation! and so City Tech Hospitality Management returning students, enjoy the day dreaming when classes seem at a lull.
    Keep connected through all the social media venues of choice.

    And thank you all for the lovely card with your personal notes. It was very considerate of you collectively to take time out to acknowledge the many people (behind the scenes) who believe in this project and in you.


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