Last day in Paris


Early morning everyone had room checkouts before having a group lunch. I’m extremely upset that it’s our last day in Paris, three weeks flew by fast. So we ended up eating at Bouillon Pigalle, a casual dining room experience with various options of starters, main courses and deserts. The whole group were divided into four tables.

Overall, I expected more from the menu because of the atmosphere and table setup. Everything tasted decent but most importantly the time we shared as a group. We all shared memories and conversations with each other for the last day of the trip and wish you stayed longer. Professors, Zinder, Pericles and Abreu did an amazing job guiding us through the whole tour and supporting our careers. I’m thankful for the family we have become and guiding each others to make right decision. Lastly, the group decided to buy a gift to well earned professors for their courage and dedication to the program and for making this experience memorable for us. I hope this message inspires students to travel one more time to Paris because of how it has affected our life in a beneficial way.


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