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Shitty draft

Jacobo Cabrera 12/1/2020

Shitty Draft


2020 Has been a difficult year, a lot of things happened, COVID-19, the black lives matter movement, the presidential election, the chaos, the riots, all of this happened while I was finishing high school and beginning my first college semester. I talked about how we had to face some outside challenges but I also had to face inside challenges, emotionally I was broken by everything that was going on around me, being a freshman in college can be overwhelming, things changed I wasn’t in school no more, my teachers were not constantly reminding me that I had to do this, do that, I had to get my sh#t together and be responsible. Some of my classes were more enjoyable than others, and for certain, my English class helped me to develop my writing and reading skills but not just that it also opened my eyes to a new way of thinking, even though I had to push through a lot of things I still put most of my effort and eventually I started to see a change in the way I wrote and read, I was able to more easily express my thoughts. My reading also improved, every time I had to read something for this class or any class I was able to better understand the idea the author was trying to transmit.

So, before I started this course I never paid attention to small things that would eventually help me grow as a writer and reader. At the beginning of this course, we had to do an assignment where we had to make a time capsule that we would eventually go back to and respond to ourselves. When I was writing that time capsule I really did not care too much because I wasn’t interested in the class, it felt like it was just going to be another class where I would just have to do meaningless writing and reading, that is the mentally I had throughout high school, so that time capsule didn’t have much text, I just wrote; “If I’m reading this at the end of the semester is because I improved my writing and I’m not saying “but” all the time, to be honest, I hope we are doing good and being responsible. Also, I hope we find some motivation. I also hope we learned more songs from System of a Down.” So, as I said before I did not write much but I feel that was my way of saying I don’t really care, but eventually, I started to like writing more, I even started to enjoy it I saw that while I was writing my response to the time capsule I wrote way more and I just expressed myself, I used my own language and said everything I thought, I just kept writing and writing it was even relaxing. I wrote a sentence in my response which said “In my time capsule, I told myself that I hope that I had found motivation by the end of the semester, sadly I did not. I sometimes get some bursts of motivation but it’s just momentaneous”. I think this shows how I just write how I feel you know? I feel that through these writings I can express myself in a way I never did before. 


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  1. Genesis

    Great description that you can use ! All the events represent your beginning to now ! I think we all felt the same about entering college sometimes there’s a feeling of sadness because we didn’t get to enjoy our last moments of high school but what matters right now is that all of us are going to recover from this time takes time but we will

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