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Sh*tty Final Reflection

To describe this first term as weird or unimaginable is an understatement. As an incoming freshman starting my first semester of college I was anxious and excited at the same time. Unfortunately due to the natural occurrences, politics, and world wide issues we are facing my semester often felt challenging. Even though I had to go through these obstacles and others, I also learned about myself as a reader and a writer. I have learned that doing shitty drafts is a way of letting my mind explore. It gives me the opportunity to let out all the ideas that are roaming in my mind. It also made me aware of how mistakes are a part of how you improve as a writer. I thought that writing was about grammar, punctuation,and just long word or page requirements. I had this idea of my English class in mind because of what people have told me before I entered college. Even people with past experiences would say the same thing as well.    



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  1. Genesis

    Nice start out for the final reflection I don’t know if you have started it or finished but I like the way you talked about what has been going on . It’s a great description for a final reflection

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