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Time Capsule review

Jacobo Cabrera 11/30/2020


During this semester I learned many things, I learned how to express myself better when writing, I learned how to enjoy writing and not just doing it because I had to, but I think the most important thing that I learned during this semester is that teachers can be extremely helpful, for other classes some of my professors were rude, and I was afraid of asking questions because I witnessed how they would get mad at students for asking questions that seemed meaningless to the professor,  but like I said not all professors are the same and Dr. Papp was one of the most helpful professors I’ve ever had so I am really thankful for that. In my time capsule, I told myself that I hoped that I had found motivation by the end of the semester, sadly I did not, I sometimes get some bursts of motivation but it’s just momentaneous, one day I want to do all the work the next I just want to give up, one thing that I did improve was my writing I stopped saying, to be honest, all the time, that was something that I didn’t like and I have been working on it, I have also been working on not saying “but” all the time, it is difficult because I don’t know how to replace it like I don’t know another word that can replace my precious “but”. One thing that I was hoping to achieve was submitting most of my work, like completing most of it and I did in fact, even though sometimes I felt overwhelmed I still pushed through it, right now with the portfolio and finals coming up I am a bit scared but I don’t wanna feel overwhelmed I already pushed through so many weeks I can’t just give up on the last couple of weeks. My goals were very realistic this is why I feel like I have accomplished most of them, I like to make short-term goals because they are easier and faster to achieve which basically means that I am going to feel rewarded you know. I have set more goals for the future those small goals are one of the only things that motivate me every now and then.

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  1. Genesis

    Hey ! This is a great opening for the final portfolio and use the fear you had before into a conclusion it would show your growth throughout the semester

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