Open Pedagogy Event (Th 9/22): Open Educational Resources at City Tech

Open Pedagogy Event: Open Educational Resources at City Tech
Thursday September 22, 5:30-7:00pm (Faculty Commons, N227)

*Refreshments will be served. (Thanks to the Faculty Commons for its generous support of this event!)

*Part-time faculty are eligible to receive a stipend for participation.

*RSVP by commenting on this post. Please share this invitation with your colleagues!

Join faculty and staff around the college at the next Open Pedagogy event, where we will be partnering with the Library to discuss open educational resources (OERs): logo saying 'Open Education Resources - Property of Everyone' laid over a shelf of booksteaching materials that are free to redistribute, revise, and remix. Together, we’ll deconstruct the nebulous acronym “OER,” and distinguish what makes a resource free and what makes it open. We’ll discuss examples of several homegrown OERs and hear from the City Tech faculty who developed them.

We’ll also share updates on OER initiatives at City Tech and throughout CUNY, considering the following questions:

  • What challenges have faculty encountered while developing or considering developing OERs?
  • How can OERs impact student learning? How can they impact the teaching process?
  • How might OERs support course coordination and fill the gaps in course sequencing?
  • How can you use the OpenLab to create and circulate OERs you design?
  • What does the future of OERs and curricular materials look like?

Want to learn more about OERs? Here are a few short pieces for reference:

  • “Into the Open” (August 5, 2016). Karen Cangiolosi, Professor of Biology, Keene State College

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