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Great work, students, on your fantastic OpEd drafts. For this week, I ask that you review my comments and revise them (at which point I’ll give them a grade).

Revise your OpEd on same document in our google docs drive: HERE.

The range of topics were excellent.  Chala focused on healthy secrets in skincare; Mosche wrote a riveting piece on reducing the number of hours Americans work; Daniel on the horrific rise in gun violence.  Kahsfi, in turn, spoke to the very real dangers of climate warming; Amina on banning junk foods in public schools, and Ruqayyah on the connection between poverty and childhood education.  Eric focused on “Sports and the Transgender Question”, while Sean wrote an impassioned piece on Biden’s plans to eliminate student debt (hopefully!).  Steven, Caroline, and Sergio directed their attention to maintaining mental and physical health during the pandemic, while Rebecca explored whether it’s wise to vaccinate our very young children.  Keyri wrote an illuminating piece on how we need to be careful with how social media can dominate our lives (if we’re not careful) and Rachel wrote about the importance of protecting our journalists, especially the women who do this courageous work.

As you work on your revisions, please read Chapter One (pages 1-22) of the book Mobile and Social Media Journalism (2018) by Journalism Professor Anthony Adornato:  mobileandsocialmedia

I also want to highlight two other riveting articles currently in the news.  The first concerns important information about how Biden’s “Build Back Better” bill includes lots and lots of money to support local news networks, which have been slowly dying owing to the emergence of massive media conglomerates in the last decade.

The other is a simultaneously amusing and scary article on how Disney removed an episode from The Simpsons that poked fun of China’s absence of an open media (the episode was removed from the Hong Kong edition of Disney +)