Team #3 Reflect on Blending Session Process

As a team we agreed that we wanted a smooth, easy finish white wine with a floral scent and fruit taste.  We first started off with 2 types of fermented chardonnay wines; oak fermented and stainless steal.  We did not like the stainless steal fermented chardonnay as much so we asked to switch for a different wine.  We all came up with the buttercups cuvee that we all enjoyed on our tasting visit to the winery.  So we asked for a cup of the buttercups cuvee.  We took turns creating a blend for the wine that we wanted.  Richard randomly created one that we really like so we kept that in our heads to go back to it later if we could not find a better blend.  We kept trying many blends but we were not satisfied.  We remade a couple of the blends from before to see if we missed out on any details of the blend.  Finally after trying 7 different blends we went back to the one Richard had made from the first time he blended.  We kept trying it again and again to see if we really liked it.  We saw that most of the other teams have chosen their blend and we really liked the smooth taste from the mix we used.  Some difficulties we faced was trying to have more of a smooth taste and not a long finish where it lingers in our mouth.  Most of or blends were too dry and we did not like it.  We took longer than most of the groups, I think we were the last to choose a blend but we were really satisfied with it.  Our final blend’s ratio is 50% Oak fermented Chardonnay, 35% Buttercups Cuvee, and 15% Riesling.  We we’re very satisfied with the smooth taste of the wine we blended.

Our team members are Mary, Irma and Richard (Team #3)

We were able to identify our blend when we did the tasting for all wines.  Our team was chosen by everyone else as the winning blend of wine.  We were very excited that everyone enjoyed our blended wine.  We named our wine “Butter My Toast” because the buttercups cuvee was what made our wine come out perfect.

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  1. Congratulations on your blend being selected for the final City Tech White Wine.

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