Wine Blending Group 5

Me, Lavon, and Rick were fortunate enough to be on the same team for this amazing experience at Red Hook Winery. As a team, we decided to create a wine that is dry, fruity, structure, and aging potential. We were given two flasks with Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. We agreed that we liked the Merlot more than Cabernet, so our first blend was 70 Merlot and 30 Cabernet. We thought our first try was incredible, it smelled like rose and plum, tannic, and we were shocked. We played around, made a couple other blends. At last, we thought that our first blend was the blend we liked the most. So, we sticked with it and called it the “Eastern Bluebird” because this bird represents New York. Unfortunately, we didn’t guess our wine right and our wine was not the best, but that was because the blend tasted different from our blend. The owner Mark Snyder was kind enough to make another blend and explained to us why the blend did not taste the same. After we tasted the new blend, we also agreed that Professor Goodlad’s group’s blend tasted better on the palate. In the end, we think that it was a really great experience and opportunity. Thanks to the Julia Child Foundation, all the professors that participated, and Red Hook Winery.

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