Shelf Talker Group 3; Mary, Irma, Richard

The name of our wine is “Butter My Toast

It is a smooth and fruity blend of white wines.  50% Barrel fermented Chardonnay, 35% Buttercups Cuvee, and 15% Riesling.

The wine starts off with a floral scent, a hint of vanilla and a hint of oak.  The wine is dry because of the Riesling but the buttercup cuvee balances it out and gives it a smooth buttery taste. It has a hint of oak taste because of the Chardonnay.  It pairs well with pasta and a light cream sauce, poultry, maybe seafood with butter sauces.

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  1. Thanks for your notes. Please think back to the culinary 2 menu. What food items would you pair with the wine?

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