Blending Session Journal

(1st Step) Due Friday, October 10, 2014

Task: As a group, determine a style of wine your wish to create. Request base wines to be used to make your team’s proposed wine. (Half the class will work with red base wines and half the class will work with white base wines.)


  • As a team, determine the proposed wine your team will create
    • red/white
    • expected taste components
    • expected aromas
  • Identify the base wines to be requisitioned
  • Reply to this page (do not create a new post) listing the base wine to be used


(2nd Step) Due Friday, October 24, 2014

Task: As a team, reflect on wine blending sessions


  • As a team, explain the blending session process
    • How many blends were attempted before the final blend was accomplished
    • What were the team’s challenges faced during the blending process
    • What were the team’s successes during the blending process
    • What is the ratio of base wines in the final blend
  • Create one post per team, using the category “Wine Blending Session”

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10 Responses to Blending Session Journal

  1. Annie C says:

    Team 2 – Annie, Minjung & Majorie.

    White wine blend of 60% Riesling & 40% SS Chardonnay.

    Expected Aromas: Apples, pears, flowers, Muscat grapes
    Expected Taste: Dry, apples, apricot, fruits, clean

    • So you only want the stainless steal chardonnay and not the one aged in oak? No problem. You will receive equal amounts of each and then you will have time to try different ratios so you can get the best result possible for your desired taste profile.

  2. Deneisha says:

    Team One- Deneisha, Lydia and Erica

    We will be blending white wine:
    The Riesling as the base wine
    Stainless Steel Chardonnay And the Barrel Chardonnay/BBL Chardonnay

    Expected aroma: Flowers, Apples, Citrus, Pears and Minerals

    Expected taste : Semi sweet, Buttery, Light to Medium body, Crisp, Fruit

  3. imatias89 says:

    Our team wants to create a white wine blend.
    Using Riesling as the base wine and the Stainless steel Chardonnay and a little from the Oaked Chardonnay.
    We hope to create a semi-sweet wine, slightly dry, non lingering, light body, refreshing with moderate alcohol content.
    We are looking for aromas of flowers, honey, tropical and vanilla.

  4. Moemu Seo says:

    Red Wine

    55% Merlot
    35% Cabernet Sauvignon
    10% Cabernet Franc

    Expected Aroma: Less oak, more fruit-forward
    Expected Flavor Profile: Medium bodied, more notes of cherries and cranberries than heavy spices.

  5. Annie C says:

    Annie, Minjung & majorie’s reflection.

    We all agreed that we wanted our wine to be fruity, floral and refreshing. We blended SS chard & Riesling. At first we chose 70% Riesling and 30% SS chard. although it was a good blend we continued blending. we did 60% Riesling & 40 SS chard, then 50 % Riesling & 50% SS chard, 70 % SS chard and 30% Riesling. We agreed that a higher ratio of Riesling tasted better than a high ratio of SS chard. we decided to then blend 85% Riesling & 15 % SS chard. we all agreed it was better than the blends we tried.

  6. Deneisha says:

    Team 1 (Deneisha,Lydia ,and Erica)

    During the wine blending session we already had in mind what would be the main components of the white wine we wanted to create which was fruit forward, crisp, medium body, dry. So after 5 blending attempts to find this we were able to settle on the final blend which consisted of 50% Stainless Steel Chardonnay and 50% Riesling. The main challenges we faced as a group was getting the right amount of base wines to achieve the taste and nose of the wine we wanted to deliver. Another challenge was when we did the final tasting we were undecided between two of the white wines on which one was our wine. In the end we found that one of two wines we were undecided was actually our wine but we picked the one which wasn’t ours.

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