Team 1 Reflection on Wine Blending

What a great experience!

And today we have an addition to our group, so now Team# 1 members are: Petra Panak, Ebelisse Vargas and Joann Liew.

When we heard that we’re going to be blending our own wine in The Red Hook Winery on the first day of New World Wine class, we all felt like, “Oh My Gosh! We are not experts as Prof Dagorn or Prof. Goodlad who know so much about the wine world!” But in fact, it wasn’t that hard as we thought. Our white-chef jackets transformed to chemistry lab coats and we turned Red Hook Winery into our own labarotory for the day…

We work well as a group together and had a collective agreement to come up with our final blend. First, we determined the type of blend we wanted to create. Then we tasted the individual components separately. Our goal was to create a wineblend with a balance of fruitiness from the older vintages of the merlots, add the spicyness of the cabarnet franc, and counter-balance the peppery flavor with the acidity of the 2 latest merlot vintages. After our six trials, we narrowed it down to our top two choices, and eventually made our final choice.


20131021_121525 20131021_132656 (1)

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