Team 4 blending session on October 21st

Our group was number 4, We did seven blends in total. Not all of the were successful , out of all the trials we agreed #2 which was 50%percent of Merlot 2009 and 50% of Merlot 2010 was the best blend. We also liked our last blend test #7 which was 50 percent of Merlot 2009 and 50 percent of Merlot 2011. The group was aware that the flavor profile for test number seven would change over time since it the 2011 Merlot  was racked recently. blended Test number one did not work out as we thought it would. It was 10% of Merlot 2009, 30% of Merlot 2010, 20% of Merlot 2011 and 40% of Merlot 2012. It was pleasing to Nose but nullified flavors on the palate.


In addition we did not have any issues  inside the group when it came to the blending specifications. it was a democracy everybody had a voice. the group had pretty much similar taste when it came to describing each wine. we all shared our thoughts and tasting experience. Overall we feel lucky just o be a part of the class. Just to have an opportunity to be here has been a valuable experience
In conclusion the knowledge and experience will guide us to a career in which we can utilize what we have learned today. We would like to thank Red Hook Winery for accommodating us with there busy schedule.


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2 Responses to Team 4 blending session on October 21st

  1. eve may says:

    The red Hook winery gave us an opportunity to be the winemakers in total control of our own signature wine making process. 🙂
    We were creating, mixing, tasting and by the end we made our own amazing table wine. Red hook winery provided us with the tools and the knowledge.
    I think we tried more than 7 different blending …
    It was not an easy to be the “winner” at the end of the whole process, but it was not that hard also, tell you more it was a lot of fun and it is an interesting thing to see how color and the notes are changing.
    Blending is a fun ultimate experience and with The Red Hook Winery it was super understandable and an unforgettably great escapade.

  2. Both your post and reply express your developed understanding of the wine making process using sophisticated wine making terminology. You were winners and should be proud.

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