Photos of the Blending Session

Click here for photos of the Blending Session057

Blending more than wine. You blended your passion, your knowledge and your spirit. This day was a great experience for me and I hope it was for you too!

What I learned was that each of you knows how to take on a 070challenge and work together to find a positive solution. The wines created during the blending session were complex and balanced, showing diversity even though many of the base wines were the same. Your results made it clear to me the complexity of what goes into making a fine wine. Your ability to set an expectation for the wine you wanted to make and then go ahead and create it was impressive.


This collaboration between education, philanthropy and small business proved successful and most of the success was due to you, the students of Wines of the New World because you welcomed what was presented to you and used your fine intellectual capacity to develop your understanding of vinification. Thank you to each of you and thank you to both the Julia Child Foundation and to Red Hook Winery.


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