Reflection on Wine Making

Reading about the wine making process and actually visiting a winery and visually experiencing the product being made are two totally different animals. White grapes go through a crusher and a de stemmer but crushing red grapes wont create red wine, it creates a rose. With making a Rose, the ideal method would be to press red grapes. Although the mixing of red and white wine is a cheap and lazy method, that practice often gets used unfortunately. Seeing and tasting the evolution of wine from juice to finished product was fantastic. Tasting the pure nectar of fermenting juice was extraordinary and very informative to the pallet in distinguishing where flavors in finished wine originates from.

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2 Responses to Reflection on Wine Making

  1. I like that you included a description of rose wine production, it is a production that takes time and effort to ensure the wine expresses the grape variety and location in the fullest way.

    Can you provide some tasting comparisons of the wines tasted today? May compare some of the varietal wines that were at different stages of fermentation and aging.

  2. Anthony says:

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