Group 5 Wine Blending

Betsy Torrau, Maren Koya, Marjorie Mejia, and Ula Chin

As we discussed as a group last week, we try to make wine which has refreshing, tardy, citrus, grapefruit and apple taste. From the wine lists, we chose following wines in order to meet our target taste.

Wines from the list:
#1- BF RIES 2011 Riesling, #3- BF SARGCH 2009 SB/CHARD, #11- BF PALPB 2012 (stainless) Pinot blanc, and #13- BF MACSB 2013 (WOOD) SAUV BLANC
At first, we tried four different blending and we liked the second blending:

#11- BF PALPB 2012 (stainless) Pinot blanc@50%
#3- BF SARGCH 2009 SB/CHARD@30%
#1- BF RIES 2011 Riesling@20%

It has fruity but also bit of oaky smell. To improve the taste better, we changed the percentage of wine content as follow;

#11- BF PALPB 2012 (stainless) Pinot blanc@40%
#3- BF SARGCH 2009 SB/CHARD@40%
#1- BF RIES 2011 Riesling@20%
#11- BF PALPB 2012 (stainless) Pinot blanc@50%
#3- BF SARGCH 2009 SB/CHARD@40%
#1- BF RIES 2011 Riesling@10%

We found that (2-1) blending has more smooth texture on pallet than (2-2) blending, and we tried again the (2) and (2-1) blending in order to diced which has better taste.

Finally, we decided the (2-1) blending as our group wine of bottle.


The reason why we have “#13- BF MACSB 2013 (WOOD) SAUV BLANC” on list but not using to the blend is since #13 has a lot of residual sugar. We afraid the taste will be changed in the future.

Blending experience in the Red Hook Winery is definitely a fun experience for us. It quite amazing that slightly change of percentage of wine can be effected powerfully to the taste of wine.picture000

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