Red Hook Winery

The first thing that came to my mind was a rustic vineyard which grape varietals hanging on the vines all over the place when I heard of we were visiting a winery. Therefore, I was kind of disappointed when I arrived there. However, I changed my thought almost immediately right after I saw the sea by the winery, it was not a bad idea to have a winery built by the sea. The owner of winery Mark Snyder was friendly and informative. He spent his valuable time showing and guiding us how to make different kinds of wines and the equipment they used. Even though I had learned how to make wine from the wine textbook, but it’s always different to actual see the real equipments in person and how winemakers used these equipments to make a bottle of wine from grapes. I was glad that we actually had a chance trying their wines and the juice from the barrels. Everyone from the winery were very friendly and helpful. I felt welcomed and warm during the visit. I wish the school should make more fieldtrip like this.

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