Class Info

  • Date: March 11, 2022
  • Meeting Info: Online


Creating a Lollipop Swirls. Creating Season with the Shear Tool

Today, we will discuss how to create a Lollipop Swirl (Lab 1) and save swirl as an Art Brush for future use. Use the Shear Tool following Seasons.pdf to create four rows of seasons by choosing appropriate colors.

Lollypop Swirls


What you can expect to learn

  • Create a Lollypop Swirl
    • Follow the directions below to create your Lollypop Swirl
    • Save your design as an Art Brush
    • Add Brush to your Library for future use.
  • Watch a demonstration of the Shear Tool. Use this technique to design your own seasons with appropriate colors.


Each week we will review homework assignments from the previous class. Students will be asked to discuss the Custom Workspace they created in our Lab and report their findings of decisions and positing of panels. They will explain why those choices were made.


Lab assignments are done during class time.

  1. Follow the directions indicated in the notes provided to create this lollypop design. Use your own choice of colors and create a vessel to hold your candy.
  2. Follow demonstration to recreate your own seasons design. Choose appropriate colors to convey the seasons.


Each week you will need to respond to one or two questions posted. This is a requirement for the participation part of your grade.

Homework Due Next Class: 

All work should be submitted by 9:00 am on Friday before class.

Each file should be saved according to the following naming convention. i.e., (Illustrator).

  • Using your image setup the file size, crop you head and shoulders image in Photoshop to 10 x 16 and place it into Illustrator as demonstrated in class. See samples and directions LoPoly – part 1 from class.


Swirls, Shear, LoPoly