Maureen Neuringer | COMD 3711 - Section HD30 | Spring 2022

09 Discussion

Each week you will need to respond to a question posted. Your response should be a minimum of 150 words for both questions. You should also include at least one response to your fellow students. The responses are a requirement for participation part of your grade.

Question 01 –

What is the value of using the Shape Builders Tool?

Question 02 –

Describe how to “add” and subtract” from shapes.


  1. Jose Sandoval

    The Shape Builder tool is a very important tool in illustrator. It allows you to create complex objects by merging and erasing objects. The shape builder tool also lets you select edges and regions of an object.
    To subtract a shape you simply use the direct election took and choose the shape you want to delete. you can do a shortcut of command X to delete, or go to edit, then delete. To add a shape you can use pen tool and start from the existing anchor.

  2. joseph asimeng

    1. the value of using the Shape Builder Tool according to ”
    The Shape Builder tool allows you to create complex objects by merging and erasing simpler objects. The Shape Builder tool selects edges and regions of an object, which can be merged or erased to form a new object.”

    2. From, you can add or combine shapes by Using the Selection tool, click on the triangle shape if it is not selected, then Shift+click on the ellipse.

    Select the Shape Builder tool in the Tools panel. Click and drag from one shape to another. The triangle and ellipse are combined into one shape.

    You can subtract shapes by Click and hold down on the Polygon tool in the Tools panel to select the hidden Ellipse tool.

    Choose View > Snap to Point to uncheck that feature. When creating small shapes, the Snap to Point feature can prevent you from forming the correct shape.

    Click and drag a small ellipse over the right side of the newly created shape. Keep in mind that the ellipse will be subtracted from the combined shape to form the mouth.

    Switch back to the Selection tool and Shift+click on the combined shape to activate both the ellipse and combined shape at the same time.

    Select the Shape Builder tool and hold down the Alt (Windows) or Option (Mac OS) key. The cursor now shows a minus sign in the lower-right.

    With the Alt/Option key still being held down, click and drag from the inside-right edge of the ellipse into the left edge. When you release, the ellipse shape is subtracted from the combined shape, forming a mouth.

    Select the Ellipse tool, then click and drag to create an oval shape that intersects across the top of the combined shape. Again, there is no exact size or position required for this shape.

    In the next step, you will take advantage of a shortcut that allows you to activate the Selection tool temporarily, helping you to avoid switching tools.

    Hold down the Ctrl (Windows) or Command (Mac OS) key and notice that, even though you are on the Ellipse tool, the cursor has changed into the Selection cursor. With the Selection cursor, click and drag a marquee that touches both the ellipse and the fish body shape to activate both shapes.

    With both shapes selected, select the Shape Builder tool and click and drag from the area where the ellipse and the fish body shape meet into the fish shape. The intersected area is added to the fish body shape.

    Choose File > Save or press Ctrl+S (Windows) or Command+S (Mac OS) to save your file.

  3. Sadman Hafiz

    The shape builder tool is an amazing feature of the illustrator. This tool allows us to combine and create complex shapes by merging multiple shapes together. With this tool, we can merge infinite numbers of shapes and can even delete some of the parts of the shapes. This allows us to freely edit shapes for creating logos and such.
    To subtract from a shape simply choose the direct selection tool from the toolbar then go to the shape and choose the part you want to delete from the shape that you currently have on your page. Once the parts you want to delete are selected, press the delete key on your computer to remove the unwanted part. This only deletes that part that you have selected with the direct selection tool. After deleting the part, if you want to continue or add from the shape that is available, choose the add pen tool from the toolbar and click on the anchor point of the shape and you can close the shape to the other anchor point.

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