Ways of Seeing : Project #2 Reflection

I enjoyed this particular project because not only did you get to write what you visualize, but you get to travel from one place to another. While finding my New York, it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would have been, especially the juxtaposition of two things. Writing the essay, I felt great. Putting all of my thoughts in, and of course details from Colson Whitehead’s article. When I juxtaposed the two things of my New York, i also did in general about all New York. What I learned from this project was a lot of things, but particularly three things. First, I didn’t know what juxtaposition was until this project was all about it. Learning this new word not only will I use it when i need that right word to use, but it’s good to write on essays to build up my vocabulary. Second, I enjoy walking and taking journeys, and going to my New York was the best choice ever. I took pictures, drew, and just sat there and relax. When you go to so many different places, you wonder a lot of things. You ask yourself what was here before that now is this?… So this projects made me learn lastly that everywhere, around the world, time is the key to everything. In time, change happens in the blink of an eye, and when you see that laundromat when you were young is now a clothing store, you juxtaposed from before to after. This project was about life experience and New York and all these different things, and that is why it became interesting to write about. Reading Whitehead’s article, he talked about his New York, and in that case we all have our own New York and how we feel about it. I was a fun project, traveling, writing, visualizing and this is a part of a big whole of designing and writing!

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