William Maldonado’s Pre Proposal


What I have selected to work on as my Imagine Project is a Watch projector. The name that I have selected for the watch projector is “Jector”. What the Jector is, is a gadget that is a watch and has also a projector that can display videos and photos. Also tell your the time when it isn’t projecting or showing videos and photos. The technologies I will be researching is mostly projectors since it will be the highlight of the watch along with bluetooth and major video providers. The way my imaging project can be used as an everyday gadget is that it is a watch and also for moments when you and a group of friends or family have nothing to do you can pull up a movie on your Jector and enjoy a nice movie night wherever you are. The Jector will beneficial mostly to videographers show case their work, video editors show what they’ve done before the final edit also helpful film critics they can critic films on the go and any film enthusiast that loves movies although anyone who wants one should get one. 🙂


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