Surveilliance Reading Response David Evangelista

In my personal opinion, using the internet to obtain information isn’t that much different from how we use to acquire it in the past.  We still have to search for information, sometimes spending hours just reading texts that may or may not be important for whatever we are working on, being essays, projects or just our own curiosity.  That isn’t that much different from spending hours looking for it in the library.

The only thing that has changed is that it’s a lot easier to collect said information. Now we don’t have to leave the house to find our information if we have a computer and the internet.  Actually, we don’t even need a computer, we just need a cell phone that can access the internet.  With a simple cell phone, we can find the information we want in a matter of minutes with a simple google search.

Although we now spend less time to find information on the internet then we’d have on the library, I personally believe that it’s the same thing.  Still searching for information by doing a lot of reading.  Just less time doing it.

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