William Maldonado Invention Wishlist

Watch projector


  • Memory 32 GB
  • Simple user interface to play videos
  • Linkable to phone
  • Charge over night/or solar powered, watch strap made from thin film solar panels
  • Linked to Bluetooth headset or speakers for audio or have it play from watch but with poor sound quality


Solar Powered Backpack that charges your electronic devices


  • One power plug, charging inputs
  • Sides of book of book bag would have solar power panel
  • Hard encasing
  • Opens all the way


Pocket pants that charge your phone

  • Pants that have pockets that charge your phone wirelessly
  • Solar powered so no need to charge your pants
  • With solar panel
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  1. http://www.ti.com/tool/dlp1picokit
    Texas Instruments Pico Projector Development Kit

    Datasheet on TI DLP chips

    Samsung Galaxy Beam phone with projector that you can buy today

    3rd Generation Camera With projector built in you can buy today.

    General Info on Digital Light Processing technology

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