Dream Pre-proposal : Neuro Lnker

The project that I’ve decided to work on was the “Neuro Linker” idea which was inspired from the Anime, “Accel World.”  I believe having something like that in real life would be incredibly helpful.


The reason why it’s called the Neuro Linker is because it connects directly with your brain.  The Neuro Linker is basically a personal PC that you can bring anywhere you’d like that you wear on your neck.  It tricks your brain so that you believe you’re seeing and touching several floating virtual screens that only you can see, and depending on the way you interact with your screen, actually sends those actions to the computer located on the User’s neck.  In turn, the Neuro Linker has both features of Augmented and Virtual reality, making this MR, or Mixed reality.

The uses for this are practically as much as you would for a computer.  You can go online and surf the web and such but there are some other uses for it.  For one, if you go to class, the teacher won’t have to speak loudly for his students to hear him.  Using the Neuro Linker, he could talk quietly but since the information can be shared from Neuro Linker to Neuro Linker, they would be able to hear him.  The Neuro Linker could also be used for those who have bad eye sight.  In turn, even if they can’t see properly unless they had glasses before, now they can easily view things using the Neuro Linker to improve one’s vision rather than wearing glasses or contacts.

There isn’t anything of this level done yet but there have been some results of Mixed Reality existing to this day.  Last year I even watched a presentation which talked about many concepts that were being worked on today, one of which was Mixed Reality.  Even last month had an article about canon making a mixed reality glasses stating that it’s different from that of google glasses (which is only Augmented Reality).

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5 Responses to Dream Pre-proposal : Neuro Lnker

  1. Ahmad Woods says:

    Sup David

    Looking into the google glass and other augmented reality devices wouldn’t hurt to be honest.

    Your deliverables should be a system diagram, a sketch of the device that labels are the parts where that fit onto the body and a video which gives an example of how it should work. I think you’re good to go afterwards

  2. Noah says:

    Feasibility: I think this is a really interesting idea which could definitely work as a semester-long project.

    3 Research suggestions:
    1. What current technologies allow for a direct link to the brain, including “tricking” it into seeing things? How does it work?
    2. Would it be possible for people to hack the computer? What are the possible implications of this, and how could it be made secure?
    3. Given society’s reactions to previous new media, how might society react to such a revolutionary new technology?

    3 Deliverables:
    1. You could make or use an object to show how the computer would be secured to and positioned on one’s neck.
    2. You could make a graphic or video showing what the AR would look like in the eyes of someone who’s using it.
    3. You could make a video depicting the interactions which would be made possible with this technology.

  3. I like this idea about the neuro linker. It reminds me of one of my favorite anime Sword Art Online.


    * Animation:I feel like in order to express your idea you can use a number of techniques. One of these techniques can be animation. What I mean by that is actually drawing out the invention to show step by step what it is and how it works.For instance, draw out a person with the neuro linker on. Make sure you draw out what the neuro linker does.

    *Video: You have mentioned the anime Accel world in reference to you project. I feel like you should grab a video from youtube showing a bit of the anime and how it relates to your project. For example, the uses of the neuro linker in that anime.

    *Writing: Just make up a summary of the neuro linker and what it does step by step.

    Research Suggestions

    For this project you may need to figure out how the brain will actually respond to the neuro linker. You can start buy doing some research on technology that reads minds

    * Neuro Linker Wifi: You mentioned Neuro linker connecting to other Neuro linkers to share information. How can this be done? there are a number of ways. Blue tooth, and Wifi can both connect to other devices wireless. Maybe you can implement one of these into your project. Start by doing some research on how those two things came to be.

    Neuro Linker Vision: You mentioned making eye sight better for the people who cant see well. There arent any glasses so what i would think about is augmented reality based device. Maybe you could figure out a way to have the neuro linker trick the mind to making it think the vision is better. Maybe hypnotizing? the neuro linker can hypnotize the wearer by a press of a button. That all comes down to how the neuro linker can be linked to the brain.

    Feasability: I think the idea is great. The toughest part would be figuring out how the neuro linker would get responses from the brain.

    • I like how you mentioned Sword Art Online since this idea is mainly inspired from Accel World, whose story is also written from the same person.

      As for drawing… that’s not my strong suit so I’m probably best off using other forms of my deliverables or finding someone else to do the drawing for me.

      Good to find other people who like Sword Art Online too by the way, the game is coming out in Japan tomorrow! I’m playing it even if it is going to be in Japanese! Still hope it reaches out to the states though, chances are it’s not though.

  4. bluestar says:

    1. Written research notes and concepts.
    2. Mixed reality examples edited into video or photos.
    3. A seminar on how this neck device works in “accel world” and the possible real word ramifications of the technology.
    1. Controlled impulses to the Brain that affect the visual parts of the brain through the nervous system.
    2. The forms and materializes for a collar sized computer device that can also perforate human flesh to manipulate the users senses.
    3. Compare and contrast the applications from the show with actual computing hardware and software as to adjust expectations and give alternative means to what doesn’t seem feasible.

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