Journal #2

  1. The Live Skull (working title)
  2. A full head area coverage helmet for comfort and utility. It has digital multimedia presentation capabilities, mobile data transmission, local data sensory interpretation interface, and hazard reduction filters.
  3. Helmet aerodynamics, Data streaming, digital camera motion detection, sonar, data mapping visualizations, audio control, Head trauma, composite materials, Helmet safety regulations, open source software to sample, Air filtration, computer related sensory input, Visual infrared and ultraviolet.
  4. Safety for an ever more distracted generation by using the technology as their eyes and ears while also expanding on what their eyes and ears can do.
  5. So I’m going with the live stream helmet. I think it maybe more helpful and possible as well as having the most pertaining to my major. I interested in a comfortable helmet people wouldn’t want to take off when I was thinking about what people would wear in space and or under sea base.  Also that aerogel helmet I put in the memory map. It can function as a hearing aid with surround sound stereo and playback recording. It can function as a visual aid with multiples digital cameras with projection and zoom. It can function as a vocal aid with speech recognition and editing. It can function as a health aid with air filtering and conditioning. It can function as an emergency aid with collision detection protection and wireless distress beaconing. It can function as a mobile device with its open source operating system and being worn on one’s own head. It can function as a multimedia presentation device with its multi-touch surface projection and live streaming audio output devices. It can function as a digital media interface device with its gesture reading motion sensors and helmet based user interface controls. It can function as a flash light with its spectral analyzer and its flash light. It can function as an echo locator with its proximity sound detection and audio editing software. It can function as a sterile face mounted vacuum with its air locked waterproof insulated design and machine washer safe structure.
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2 Responses to Journal #2

  1. I think this project would be very great if it were to come to see the light. It also seems very doable to actually make if you had access to a wide variety of tools to use. Really though, I never actually found a helmet comfortable enough for me to not want to take it off. Every helmet I wore in the past, I ended up taking off as soon as I was able to. No matter how comfortable it was in my head, it was never more comfortable then not wearing one. You may want to research on human comfort to achieve this. Not sure how you’d work on the air filtering and conditioning as well.

    However, such comfort should still be possible and I look forward to the day something like this may come to be. As for your three deliverables, you could easily just use a helmet for show, drawings to show the functionality of it and a diagram to show how it works.

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