Dream Project Proposal

The name that I chose for my invention is Seekers. I choose this name because that is exactly what it does.  The invention is a sphere like object that follows a person everywhere they go. The Seeker has many functions; some being it receives cell phone calls and texts and transmit them to a device attached behind your ear that enables you to hear. The device behind your ear is similar to a tiny round band aid, and is barely visible. It will also have the ability to communicate with other seekers; recording their available information.

The information that it records is limitless and is controlled by privacy features on the seekers. The sphere will hover over you; therefore the technology will involve aerodynamics to perfect the lift. It will be affixed with sensors to keep it from crashing into other seekers and objects.

The power source will be a rechargeable battery. All buildings will start to include docking stations in their locations for charging (at a nominal rate). A lot of the technology does currently exist, such as the camera, and communication functions; however they will need to be improved for this product. I decided to incorporate an idea from another item mentioned on my wish list, called the thinking cap. The main feature was the ability for a cap to transmit pre-uploaded information to your brain; which will essentially allow you to know everything that can be uploaded. With the seeker, it will have the same feature; however the hat from my other idea will be replaced. The seeker will have the ability to transmit this information to the device behind your ear.

You may ask, how will the Seeker know if you have a questioned, or need to know something? Well, being that the seeker is much smarter than we are, the seeker will have the ability to listen and process information just as your brain does. So if someone asks you a question, it’s just like asking the seeker the question, and you will have a immediate response.

This device will benefit everyone because it will give us all of the knowledge that’s able to be downloaded. Certainly this device will pose the same threats as the internet today; however my company will also develop and sell the anti-virus kit; of course for a nominal fee. My company will also have monopoly on the software that can be used with the device; just like Apple!

I think that this can be a very useful device; however like anything can be dangerous when intended to be. Everyone can benefit from being smarter; however I’m curious how life will be when everyone knows everything. There will be no more stupid questions.

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  1. Noah says:

    I could definitely see this project being feasible for the semester; it would just require research for a number of different technologies for each of the elements, which could entail a bit more work.

    3 Research suggestions:
    1. For the earpiece, I would research how current technology allows for devices to project sounds into one’s ear without using an actual speaker- I know there are already headphones which clamp onto your ear and play music via vibrations.
    2. I would then research possible technologies which would allow for quick two-way wireless communication between the seeker and such a small earpiece. I know Bluetooth would normally be an option, but for such a small device it may not currently be an option.
    3. I would also research how the seeker would remain soundlessly in the air, without being affected by objects which may pass between it and the ground.

    3 Deliverables:
    1. A sketch of the physical components of both pieces of the product, as well as how they would be positioned relative to the user, with scale taken into consideration.
    2. A diagram of how the seeker, the earpiece and the user would all communicate with one another in a number of different scenarios.
    3. A 3-d modeling of the internal components of the seeker and how they are arranged.

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