Intro/Invention – Rosa Lee

ello fellow classmates!!! My name is Rosa and I’m in the emerging media program. My interest is in web development. What I think would benefit us as a whole student body would be for this school to STOP making us take USELESS classes that has nothing to do with our major…An example of that would be physics…Don’t get me wrong, physics a nice class for someone who needs it but students with media major doesn’t benefit from it at all. What are we suppose to find out the friction between our fingers and the keyboard? Another example would be philosophy…what does philosophy has to do with the major? When we go out to the real world for work, your clients don’t want to know what you learned in philosophy, they just want you to design what they need you to. Most of the C.U.N.Y system school just touch on basic of each major and doesn’t go into real depth for it. It would benefit to all if we can practice on real projects and be prepared for the real world instead of wasting our time on useless things. I say this because a lot of art directors that I know even say school classes are a waste of time and money.

The most effective technology that affected mankind would be the invention of the Internet. Back in the days it would take people a long time to search for information but with the Internet now, the time is cut down to more than half. We also have the ability to communicate with people far away from us and build applications that can be used by everyone around the world. An example of that would chase mobile checking. People don’t actually have to take a physical trip to the bank and waste time anymore. With the Internet and the bank’s application you can take a picture of the check and deposit it thru your phone. This saves time for many people.

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