Intro/Invention – Ian

Salutations to me fellow student body, my name is Ian Hodgson and I’m an aspiring Graphic Illustrator (a term i coined myself).  For those of you wondering what exactly constitutes a graphic illustrator and how it differs from a graphic designer. Well I feel like anyone can be taught how to draw or even design but not everyone has the ability to bring about someone else concepts to fruition.  I believe my natural apptitude in the arts has enabled my entry in the Aristocracy Besoir. I’m having troubles explaining my degree to prospective employers.  To be honest I’m having troubles finding prospective employers in the emerging media Field.  I consider myself to be extremely imaginative and creative.  My experience at city tech is like the good and bad angle’s.  On one side I have incredibly supportive professors and degree department who are passionate in my success.  On the other hand struggling with city techs antiquated systems of retrieving and filing information.  coupled with rude overworked staff unfortunately has placed me in the most difficult of positions in my life.

For me the greatest invention was the first computer from which the first CPU languages were created.  With out this the internet would not have been possible. I compare the fist CPU and its languages to the warp drive and fusion from star trek.  If I my re-phrase a saying from the show technology will boldly go where no man has gone before.  Since its creation it seems like man has opened a new parallel dimension unleashing endless possibilities of computations.  One can only imagine what the world would be like with out them.

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