Project 1 is about a bio of myself. It’s mostly about me being a student and what I’m trying to become. I started out stating my interests and how it ties into me being a designer. By doing this project I learned how to organize my essay. My writing tends go all around the place. By writing it out first and having a draft my ideas were able to flow better. Also posting it an then having people comment on them also helped. It helped me choose which ideas were relevant to my bio. What I think I could improve the most on is my vocabulary. I didn’t spend a lot of time on this project. I wish I did. I know my time management skills need a lot of work. I spent most of my time thinking about what would be in the project. I’m hoping for future projects I can put more time into them and have a great outcome. I also hope that everyone would continue to leave comments on how I could improve my work. Thank you 🙂

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