I look outside my window everyday to check the weather. I usually see the same scene over and over again. It hardly ever changes, but sometimes I’d catch a very interesting glimpse of something. Like I would see some birds bathing in the bird bath in front my house or sometimes I would see a cat jump on top the bird bath for a drink. I’d see squirrels run on top the pole wires. Most of the time I see a light blue house connected to a tan house. I see trees and when the breeze blows I’d see the leaves fall to the ground. In front the light blue house has many flowers, but they lack in a variation of colors. The tan house has a barren garden, so there’s not much to see there. Occasionally I would see people partying or parents picking up there kids from daycare. I also have a very good view of the blue sky, and when it’s cloudy I have a nice view of the gray puffy clouds. I believe the view from my window is the best in the house because I have the front window and there aren’t many things blocking my view.