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Hello my name is Moeen Razak. I am 18 years old and I attend New York City College of Technology of City Tech for short. Since I was small I always loved watching anime, playing video games, and reading manga. They have helped who I am today. They helped fuel my passion for design. I always wanted to make a my very own video game. One where it would have all the different ideas I have. I also have an interest in ancient mythology. I love the ancient stories of heroes and dragons and the different gods. They kinda tie into my love of anime and manga. The only difference is mythology involves culture. I find the different cultures of ancient times really fascinating. They help bring new ideas for video games that I want to make.

My Avatar

The picture I chose as my avatar is from an anime I watched about Japanese culture. The picture is about a boy who delves deeper into a world about ancient demons and gods. The picture has some ancient writing and with an ancient wolf demon. This represents my love of mythology and culture. It also has nice vibrant colors, which represent my artistic nature.

Misinterpreted Avatar

My avatar can be misinterpreted in many ways. For instance many people can think that this is a random picture off the web that I thought looked cool. Most people wouldn’t take the time to understand how the picture would represent the person posting it. Also people might just think that I love anime and nothing else.


My profile is suppose to show what I’m like as a person. It should show my interests along with what I’m striving for. It should help convey the level of my seriousness. Most of all as a designer it should show what I’m capable of.

These words were used in our class on Wednesday September 10th  in the video ”Ways to See”.

1. Gilt-Adjective

Definition- having a golden color

Link: show=0&t=1410570742

2. Integral-Adjective

Definition-very important and necessary

Link: show=0&t=1410570975

3.  Icon-noun

Definition- a small picture on a computer or a person who is successful and admired. 


4. Converge-verb

Definition-to move toward one point and join together : to come together and meet.


I had already known the definition of these words but it was a good way of perfecting my version of there meaning. Also these words helped me understand the passage better along with the video.