Yes project 1 was fun but it was very tedious, but that is art. It took a lot ofĀ time using the ruler to make the outlines of each box. This alone probably took 2 hours. Then we has to draw the pictures and pick which fit the criteria of stable and ambiguous. This took about an hour to do. Lastly we cut and paste each picture in to each box. This was about half an hour.Ā At the end a beautiful piece of art was born. Art requires the long hours and tedious work for it to be produced. In class, we critiqued each other. This helped relay information on how to improve our work.Ā When my work was critiqued, I felt accomplished, but it gave me ideas on how I couldĀ have made it betterĀ . Ā A lot of my peers liked my work but still it couldĀ have been better.Ā I liked a lot of people’s work. I gave a lot of ideas which I think were good. Some were hard to understand which were ambiguous and which were stable. Most peopleĀ economized, this made it easier to tell which was stable and ambiguous. It was a great critique, though it was very quiet in the beginning. Everyone did a good job. I hope we continue to work well together. šŸ™‚

In all it took about 3 and a half hours to finish.

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