Michael Castillo

Design – Museum Visit


      The museum visit to the MOMA opened my eyes to the beauty and craft in art. Jackson Pollocks work in the museum was the main eye catcher! His art defies conventional explanation, in the words his pieces conveyed abstract expressions; similar to Project 1 where we worked with negative space and defined the foreground/background. In addition, his work can also be related to Project 3 where we were faced with having to translate an expression onto paper!


This semester has been one joyful ride. I learned many things! I learned how to manipulate the ink in a brush/pen, how to differentiate a foreground from a background, how to make nothing into something and anything between. Most importantly, im taking with me that patience is key. If I am patient enough with myself and my work, I can create anything. As a designer it took me awhile to understand that what works for someone else may not work for me, but knowing where to direct my focus is invaluable.



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