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In the making of this project, I became very overwhelmed with the goal of the project. With the sand dunes and lettering, I really tried to explore the line work and the movements of the photo. Sand is very hard to capture movements since it is always moving and flowing. Lines are most often looked at as either continuous and non-breakable, causing the frustration while making the project. The pattern of the wool on the other hand seemed to be a little bit easier. Here are my drafts and some finished pieces.

I chose the four pieced butterfly pattern and the rocks image which show texture!

In the pattern image, 3 shades are shown symmetrically, showcasing four butterflies put against some sort of multi shaded background. The overall mood is calm and well balanced.

The rocks however give us a more uncertain feeling. One side gives off cool, while the other is depicting some sort of rough action.

Overall, the project was pretty easy once I fully understood how to capture and translate the feelings correctly with ink until a bristol board.

This project taught me the different ways to mimic objects in images. A few of these ways include: the space, size, and weight used in order to achieve the end product.


Project 02 final


I have never thought that it would be possible to express the photographs by type letters. It was hard to transfer the exact same feeling into the letter, but It was a great time to try it. Through the project, I can see other people’s creative works. It was really touching me. I even could not draw that way. It was also hard to give the same feeling to line and type compositions.

Project 02 step 4




When I was look at it, it looked like really calm and neat. The picture had repeatable pattern so that it made the picture more organized and unity. The image did not have strong movement and looked smooth and orderly.


If seeing closely, the desert was not smooth. It, however, seemed to be very soft and smooth surface. Some points of image had wave surface because of wind. It was really attractive shape. That land looked like the bottom of the ocean. The contract of the image made it quiet and peaceful more. When I saw it, I felt like the photograph is resemble to the classic music. It had some rhythm but not too noise. I felt like there was flowing musical notes.


Faiza Hussain project 2 step 4

For this project I choose the flower like tile for the pattern and the desert for texture. During the time I worked a lot on trying to get the line and type more for the desert since it was my struggle compared to the pattern.

Flower tile pattern description

For this piece I imagine it being a relaxed piece. It gives a home like feeling as if you can come home tired from work or school and relax happy to take of your shoes and laying on your bed or sofa. The feeling would be like ceramic cool against your feet. I can imagine music being a home like theme with soothing sound of people or a pet in quiet place or low music that isn’t loud. The shape is I saw was flowers and circle and diamonds. There is a contrast from the petals like shape being that it was darker than the rest.

The story I came up with is this: 

Hello, I am called Petals, you know like a flower! Nice isn’t it? I live in a nice house with owners that don’t like the mess of a carpet. Words can’t describe how much I enjoy my life here. I can wait their tv and their games. I watch over them and their pet when they are here. I love the smell of food even though I don’t have a nose. The only thing is I wish they would often clean me. Do they not know how relaxing and how nice it feels to be cleaned up? 


Desert texture

This image is of a desert texture. It is smooth almost like you can slide down. There are curves and waves in the texture picture. There are heavy contrast from different tones from dark to like. The feel I can get is inspirations for writing since deserts make me think of tales in the desert of places on oasis to buried temples in sands. There is a fantasy feel to it that helps with the inspiration.Then to lost civilization and of battles in the deserts. The music would be epic with sounds of sitars. 

This is the story I came up with:

There was a kingdom that use to live on this land. All buried in sand now and forgotten by everyone. Silent to all we await for it rebirth. The sand protect our fallen kingdom. We battled on and on as our land resources wither away. We use to fly in the sky and now what remain of my people lives in the sand. We survive the storms by becoming one with the sand. We create mirages to protect ourselves when in danger. We dance on the sand sliding for fun. At night we watch the sand and waiting for the sun to rise again. We repeat to hide that lonely feeling of silence.